Job flexibility is the holy grail for a lot of new mothers, and it’s no surprise why. In the Fairygodboss community, for example, women generally report higher levels of job satisfaction when they have flexible jobs. For new moms, in particular, the demands of caregiving make flexibility feel like a necessity.

Many working moms I talk to cite the importance of work life balance in choosing their next job or when considering a career change. That’s why we’ve crowdsourced data about flexibility policies and whether companies offer remote, part-time and flexible jobs. Our work-life balance guide and database can help you find a job that suits your life—in all its dimensions.

Here are 12 more reasons moms want flexible jobs—

1. Because you’re the best at work when you can bring your whole self.

Most of us work in jobs where talent and human capital are more important than ever before.

2. Because you’re a grown up who can be trusted.

You’re motivated and you don’t need to be somewhere all the time in order for that to be true.

3. Because employers should care about quality over quantity (of hours).

Does your boss really want you to spend a lot of time creating some mediocre or do they just want you to be great at what you do? (See more on why working too many hours can backfire, at Harvard Business Review.)

4. Because sometimes you’re more productive at 9 pm.

Some of us get a second wind when we can concentrate and get some peace and quiet. For a lot of new moms, that’s after your baby is asleep. Other times, it’s just because we’re night owls.

5. Because your children deserve examples of balanced role models.

Care-giving is important, and so are children that understand their mothers have priorities and responsibilities beyond the family.

6. Because doctors don’t have check-up appointments at 7 pm.

You and your baby have to do things during the day, and you should have the job flexibility that allows you to do them.

7. Because bonding time with our babies is important for our family’s emotional health.

If you’re guilt-ridden, filled with anxiety and generally unhappy, guess what ends up suffering? Pretty much everything…including your job.

8. Because we shouldn’t have to choose between being good moms, or good at at our job.

We can be both!

9. Because commuting isn’t a great use of time.

It’s a necessary evil but if you have a flexible job, you can do it less than other people do and make more productive uses of that time. There’s a reason telecommuting has grown 103% in the past decade.

10. Because yoga pants are way more comfortable to work in than, well, pretty much anything.

We all like looking put together at work, but sometimes it’s just way more productive to stroll over to your desk in yoga pants.

11. Because you don’t have to necessarily shower after pilates before you jump on a client call.

Or worry about your bad hair day or putting on makeup. Working from home sometimes saves a lot of unnecessary primping and preening time.

12. Because what matters is getting the job done—and nobody is more efficient than moms.

Employers who offer flexibility will find that removing strict rules about where and how you work will help recruit and retain moms who have all of these reasons —and more! —for wanting more job flexibility.