You're a grown woman, and you're fabulous — so you don't really need a reason to treat.yo.self, we know. However, we're going to give you 15 reasons anyway. They're excellent reminders why you should enjoy some guilt-free spoiling.

1. Because you made a human with your body + housed them for roughly 40 weeks.

2. Because you faced morning sickness + survived.

3. Because your belly expanded so much you could barely put your own pants on.

4. Because you GAVE BIRTH.


5. Because you stayed up all night to feed your little one then battled the next day like the delirious, caffeinated warrior you are.

6. Because COLIC.

7. Because you traded showers + nights out on the town for baby bath time + caring for your tiny, perfect human.

8. Because hormones have caused you to cry many random tears over diaper commercials, the lack of cookie dough in the refrigerator + how your husband chews.

9. Because you literally wipe poo from another human's bum.

10. Because you sometimes have to wipe said poo from your hand, face, shirt. (How do they produce so much? Honestly. Tell me.)

11. Because you deal with boob leaks + breast pads.

12. Because two words: mesh.undies. (sexy!)

13. Because you experience the joy of slightly wetting your pants every time you laugh, sneeze, cough, or make a sudden movement.

14. Because you're a hardworking, #Motherly, beautiful goddess.

15. Because your heart is big, your intentions are good + your love is unconditional, but the days are long + the to-do list is never ending. So always remember to treat.yo.self like the super mama you are, girlfriend.