So you peed on the pregnancy stick and it’s telling you, “You’re pregnant.” CONGRATS! ? ? ?

Before you start researching all about pregnancy, you might want to take some time to just let that news really sink in.

Here are some things that are totally normal to feel during your first trimester that no one might tell you about.

Not feeling pregnant, like, at all

So your doctor has just confirmed the news and you’re

wondering, “I should feel pregnant right?”

“I mean if there’s a human being

growing inside of me I should feel


Even if you are extremely sick—you still might not “feel” pregnant. It can be a hard thing to believe.


let me be the first to tell you, this is completely normal. Even though your body

is going through great changes it takes a little while for your brain to

register this new normal.

You might wonder every day if everything is going

well, but the truth is that not feeling anything weird is often a great


So relax and let your body do its thing. You will see that belly grow and

feel your baby soon enough.

Worrying how your life will change

Even if you’ve been waiting to have a baby for a while or you

weren’t expecting this at all, it’s okay to feel a little sad at the realization

that your life will never be the same.

I call it “mourning the pre-mama life.”

You have plenty of time after your little one is born to be grateful for your baby

and the joy he/she will bring. So take this time to get used to the idea of a

new life with a child.

You most likely have 9 months, so enjoy this time, you

will be grateful you did.

Holding your breath until the end of the first trimester

It is very likely that you or someone you know has

miscarried. So feeling nervous or afraid is completely normal, but going on with

life as normally as possible is probably the best thing you can do.

Worrying might come naturally, but it won’t help.


If you feel afraid speak to your doctor, follow through with

their recommendations and carry on. Speak your thoughts with people who love

and support you and fill yourself with positivity.

Feeling so emotional—or not at all

We have all heard of the fragile emotional state of pregnant

women, and though this might immediately happen to you, it is also so normal to

surprisingly not feel emotional at all.

While everyone who knows you’re

pregnant might expect you to break down in tears at any second—it’s okay if you don’t.

There are a lot of new changes happening in your body at the

moment and it’s okay not to understand this new you quite yet.

This is a new stage in

your life and it will take some adjusting.

Falling completely in love with a person you’ve never met

Though it may or may not happen right away, you will soon

begin to fall in love with the little person growing inside of you. You will

begin to dream and wonder what this little baby will look like and what they will

do. One day you will see that going through this pregnancy season was so worth

it, because you never knew you could love anyone you had never met, so much.

A new pregnancy will change you for the better. So just enjoy it and remind yourself, You’ve got this.

Juli is a first time mom to her daughter Mia. She is also a wife, writer, photographer and videographer from Miami. You can follow her on her blog.