A maxi dress.

Whether it’s a wedding or a day at the zoo, a maxi dress can(almost) literally be worn anywhere.  Justthink of how many times you could rock this dress during your pregnancy.

Our friends at PlumPretty Sugar have a line of maternity maxi dresses that are sure to makeyou (and your wallet) smile. For a boho effect, they recommend adding layeredbracelets to get that artisan feel. For evening events, they recommend pairingmatching heels to dress up the look.

A luxe set of pajamas.

Who needs a hospital gown when you can wear a light andgorgeous set of jammies after labor? Bring on the visitors!

Plus, a stylish pair of maternity PJs can be worn throughoutyour pregnancy and even while nursing baby. According to our friends at PlumPretty Sugar, they are “perfect for easy mornings and lazy evenings.”

We knowmama, we can’t wait for jammie time either.

Looking for a few maternity must-haves for your growingbump?

Maybe you want to create the perfect minimalist capsulewardrobe to get you through the next 9 months. Or perhaps you are simply in themood to splurge on a few pregnancy pieces that won’t break the bank. Whateveryou are looking for, we’ve got you covered—from head to toe, mama.

Consider these pregnancy style essentials your go-to shopping list for the next 9 months and beyond—


Almost as versatile as jeans—and definitely more cozy—leggingsare a simple way to feel great during your pregnancy…even in those lastuncomfortable months.

Wear them with tunics, button-downs, dresses, or sweatersand fret no longer about buttons and zippers. Hey, they should be banned duringpregnancy, anyway, right?

An oversized button-down shirt.

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Talk about comfy chic.

Pair with leggings, jeans, or shortsfor a casual but polished look.

Not happy with the selection in the women’sdepartment? Head for the men’s section—or better yet, raid your partner’scloset. He won’t mind, especially with how charming you make his wardrobe look.

Boyfriend jeans.

A little looser in the leg, boyfriend jeans can be wornthroughout your pregnancy. Plus, they can be dressed up or down and worn withalmost any shoe in your closet. (We recommend a super comfy flat or bootie.)

Pro tip: Invest inan inexpensive bellyband to turn any jeans into maternity wear, from the first trimester allthe way through to the fourth. Who said you needed to buy expensive maternityjeans to look this good?

A super-soft dress.

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Whether you like them long or short, every mama needs atleast one dress that shows off her bump. You are gorgeous. Flaunt yourpregnancy glow while you can.

Pair with flip flops, flats, or sneakers for a casual dayout.

And last but not least?

A long sweater.

Nothing says comfy (and flattering) like a long sweater wornwith leggings or jeans. Perfect for work or weekends, this is one of the mostversatile pieces to own during pregnancy.

Pro tip: Wear alayer under your sweater in case one of those infamous pregnancy hot flashesstrikes.

An empire tunic.

Re-discover your waistline with a tunic that will make yousparkle. Long, flowy hems mean you can wear them with almost any bottom,including leggings. Yesssss.

Pair with a long necklace to elongate your torso while bringingfocus to your brag-worthy baby bump.

Bonus: Tunics with an empire waist tend to accentuate the ladies up top. Who said pregnancy hormones didn’t have their perks. ?