When it comes to maternity style, we're all about stretching your pre-pregnancy wardrobe as far as it can go.

But eventually it might stretch too far… and maybe pop or snap. And feel kind of uncomfortable. Oh yes, there comes a time when maternity clothes are necessary.

Now that we're not saying you need a complete overhaul. Just nine essential pieces to last your whole nine-month stretch. Here's what to stock up on now.

1. BellyBand

Ease into your pregnancy wardrobe with a belly band. It not only alleviates the pressure on your growing body, but it also holds up those unbuttoned bottoms so you can wear your pre-pregnancy wardrobe longer than expected. ?

2. Maternity leggings

From that first-trimester bloating to those the final “How can I possibly grow anymore?" days, nothing will get more wear time during your pregnancy than great maternity leggings, like these from Storq. Invest in a quality pair that will go the distance with you.

3. Maternity jeans

If you don't want to wear leggings every day, then get yourself a dependable pair of maternity jeans. From skinny to flare to boyfriend, we promise there's a fit for every style, but it's worth dedicating some time to trying them all on, since it's hard to know what will feel (or look!) good on those newfound curves.

4. A jumpsuit

What's comfier than a giant onesie made in your size? Find a basic maternity jumpsuit or simple pair of overalls that you can dress up or down and layer in every which way. Pregnancy is a great time to experiment with your style, and we promise you won't regret this purchase.

5. Maternity/nursing crossover shirt

We get that a maternity shirt might not be high on your priority list when you can just size up, but a pregnancy shirt that doubles as a nursing top? Now that's a smart investment.

6. Maternity poncho/nursing shawl

You cannot underestimate the value of a cozy, drape-able layering piece. Functioning as maternity wear, nursing wear and even a stroller blanket in a pinch, a maternity poncho or nursing shawl will be your workhorse before and after baby arrives.

7. Your 'go-to' outfit

You are totally entitled to one major maternity splurge. Something that makes you feel like a million bucks every time you put it on. Something that works in every situation. Something you can dress up or dress down. That “go-to" is different for everyone, but something like this jersey dress by Hatch is a good place to start.

8. A fabulous LBD

Every woman should have a little black dress on regular rotation. That doesn't change during pregnancy. But your pregnancy LBD should have belly-flattering qualities—think side shirring and high-quality fabric that won't become see-through as it stretches out. Remember that your hemline will creep up as your belly grows, so choose something knee-length or midi.

9. Maternity/baby-wearing vest

As that belly gets bigger, you may start thinking about life (and fashion) once baby's on the outside. Pick up a baby-wearing coat or vest that you can sport with your bump now and then stretch over baby in a carrier later.

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