One day I woke up and all my mom Facebook groups were talking about was leggings. I was confused, because yes we've been all wearing nothing but leggings (and the occasional sweatpants) for the last year, but why was everyone suddenly talking about a particular pair of leggings? Well, let me tell you why. The now-viral leggings (thanks to TikTok, take a look at #AmazonLeggings if you want to be sucked into a rabbit hole) are not just any kind of legging. People who have them swear that these will make your butt look ah-mazing, like next-level bootylicious. Not for nothing they have over 43,000 positive ratings and an almost perfect 4.5-star review.

As someone who 1) has three kids ages 3 and under 2) has not done a squat for the past 20 years and 3) is all about viral trends, I of course had to put these to the test. I also enlisted my co-worker Sara Goldstein because we are both shameless and also love the internet so very much.

The leggings come in an array of colors, I went with black because they were the only ones with Amazon Prime delivery, and after reading my mom friends say how it took them months for the more fun colorful ones to arrive, I opted for the safe bet. Two days later my leggings were at my doorstep and ready to be worn.

My first thought after opening the package was how soft they felt. I was expecting an itchier, thicker fabric and was pleasantly surprised by it. After putting them on (and trying to surprise my husband with them. Spoiler: he did not react at all) there some positives and some negatives for these viral leggings.

Like I mentioned, they are soft and buttery against your skin. They are also true to size, which is rare when you are buying from random brands on Amazon. They are extremely comfortable and the high waist was very very flattering. In black, they are absolutely not see-through. I did a couple of squats to test and you could not see my leopard print undies at all, now, I don't know how well the squat test is going to hold for lighter colors. - Motherly Editor

Agreed on the softness + comfort. I've grown accustomed to high-waisted leggings that compress my guts to levels that would be concerning should I have any future plans of pregnancy (I don't.) These, on the other hand, are just a sweet and gentle hug. Also, as a short person (I'm 5' 2") they hit right at my ankle which is a nice change from my typical experience of leggings that reach my toes. - Sara

Maybe it's the shape of my butt or the fact that I was wearing undies with these (are we not supposed to?) but my butt looked.... square? Not a round peach. Not perkier than before. Just there, as always, with some fabric right in my butt crack. Also, sorry for the TMI but these gave me a major front wedgie that was hard to disguise, again, maybe it's my anatomy? -Motherly Editor

To quote my partner when I unveiled my look, "Um, are you planning to wear those in public? Because they're...a lot." To be clear, I own more than one crop top and a decent collection of bikinis, so "modest" isn't exactly how I'd describe my wardrobe. But I don't know. There's something about this look that misses the mark for me. It's more shameless "Look at my butt! This is all of my butt!" than "I've got a fab tush and I'm workin' it." - Sara

As much as I wanted these to give me the butt I had when I was in my 20s, they didn't I felt very far from smokin' hot mama and more like grandma looking. That said, they are so comfortable and stretchy that I might just wear them as regular leggings around the house while chasing the kids. -Motherly Editor

They're comfy and I'm kind of digging the scale-y texture as a departure from my regular black leggings. That said, my kids, who consume far more TikTok than I, had these on their radar long before I did. They were legit horrified when I marched out of my room and have confirmed they will not be seen in public with me if/when I wear them—so I guess they're house pants? On the other hand, I could always threaten to pick them up from school wearing them if I need to jumpstart some cooperation. - Sara

My dog = not impressed. @sarachasen

Want to try the viral leggings for yourself? Here's where you can buy them:

A version of this story was published March 10, 2021. It has been updated.