Allyson Felix is a superstar athlete and mom—she's the most decorated athlete in the world at the moment, and the Olympics haven't even begun yet. And because she's an amazing mom in addition to being an amazing athlete, she wants to help empower athletes who are moms the best way she can: by giving them childcare.

Athleta and Allyson Felix, together with the Women's Sports Foundation (WSF), just announced the launch of The Power of She Fund: Child Care Grants, a first-of-its-kind grant program that commits $200,000 to help fund child care costs for professional mom-athletes traveling to competitions.

Both Felix and Athleta have already distributed the funds among a group of recipients—six of whom are moms who are headed to the Tokyo Olympics. Each mom will receive $10,000 that will go to resources that enable them to compete without the huge emotional and financial barrier of figuring out childcare.

"This is going to make a huge difference in their lives," Felix told "Good Morning America." "Childcare is one of the huge barriers that we have to overcome."

She continued, "I really do hope also that this spurs an industry-wide change, and we look to support women holistically."

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the families of Olympic athletes won't be able to travel to Tokyo. Only nursing children will be allowed to join their moms for the upcoming games—and that rule only came into play when athletes like Felix spoke out.

Being a professional athlete who trains round-the-clock for the Olympics is an intense working-mom life. Felix herself told GMA that there was a lot of chaos surrounding her training now that this is the first Olympic games she's competing in as a mom (her daughter, Camryn, is two).

"I was doing a lot of my training, literally, around my house so I was running in the streets in front of my home and I was in the gym and in our garage and you know my daughter is looking down from above," she said.

She credits her support system (because every mom needs a village) with helping her out enough to ensure she could go to her fifth Olympic games.

This grant program is going to change the lives of so many athlete moms, and we can't wait to watch them in action.