Here's the thing about pandemic parenting: we can't do everything well when we're doing everything at once. Okay, fine: more often than not, it feels like we can't do anything well.

But if you're staring down a pile of dirty laundry, the crumbs gathering on your floor or a mile-long to-do list, you're not alone. In fact, there's a certain celebrity mama who knows what it's like to wade helplessly through a never-ending maze of chores, child-raising and work.

Amy Schumer just posted a hilarious—and totally relatable—video of her current situation.

"We were worried not having child care, but we're actually, like, doing really well. And I think we're capable of a lot more than we realized," the actress says before bursting into a fit of laughter. "All this help we've grown accustomed to, we don't need it."

As Schumer speaks, the video pans around her kitchen, which is, well, kind of a disaster. And let's be real: that's how most kitchens look right now, particularly in homes with young children.

Schumer's Instagram followers are weighing in to share how deeply this video resonates with them. "What's a clean house? Haven't seen one since February 2020," one user comments. "Our counters look like this at some point daily. Life with little ones is freaking intense," another adds.

The good news? We're all in this whole "raising-children-in-a-pandemic-where-we-have-been-handed-a-whole-new-set-responsibilities-on-top-of-our-already-overwhelming-slew-of-responsibilities" life together.

One user added, "I love that I can relate to this! My houseplants are dying, and there are pots and pans in the sink, but hey, the kids are alive and happy. It's all that matters, right?"

Yes, mama. That's right.

Here's what's so refreshing about this: We live in a culture where celebrities and people with a lot of privilege often fail to acknowledge the amount of help they have. When we see images of their perfect homes without those mentions of outside help, it can make the rest of us feel like we're failing. That's why Schumer's admission that her family is used to having a lot of help matters. She's telling us that without someone to care for her kids or clean her house, even she can't quite keep it all together all the time. We all need someone to step in for us in order to make the whole puzzle come together—while that help is far more accessible for some of us than it is for others, this video makes it pretty clear.

No one can do it all alone. And if we're forced to—well, not everything will run perfectly.

Ultimately, in times like these, we just have to embrace that imperfection. And it's certainly nice to see that we aren't alone in doing so.