After we’ve had dinner, I go to my daughter’s room, lie down on her bed and we spend time together. We share stories about our day, talk about books, TV shows and movies, about our dreams, about anything we can think of. Sometimes we write in our diaries or sometimes we just scribble, then we check on her unicorns and other friends.

There are also times when I check on her and she’s already asleep. Then I just lie beside her and hug her.

I do this every day.


Because of one thing: Time.

No matter how I tell time to slow down, it just won’t. Sometimes I think time is racing against me.

Because it seems like only yesterday…

When I found out I was pregnant with her (a day after I rode a roller coaster—I believe that explains why she’s so tough).

When we bought the pink crib for that delicate baby with barely any hair.

When every time I took a bath, she’d join me in the shower (I can still remember how she’d cry when she’d find out I was already in the shower without her).

When she’d pretend to read her cardboard books saying words only she could understand.

When I’d dress her up in skirts and tights and she’d pose adorably for photos.

When we watched The Little Mermaid musical and sang with the sea creatures, and her big round eyes grew even bigger with awe and amazement.

When she turned six and asked for a huge teddy bear and made her Daddy carry it for her.

When we watched Annie with premium tickets and she dressed up like a little lady.

When she dressed up with a little hat and feathers for our little tea party.

When I’d bake and she’d watch everything I do and then would ask if she could lick the spoon.

When she first learned how to ride a bicycle.

When she would insist on sleeping in our room.

And I know that as much as I can’t stop time, I can still make the most out of it.

Because tomorrow…

She’ll grow big, both of us may no longer fit her bed.

She may no longer want the clothes I buy for her.

She may already be embarrassed to pose for photos.

She may read too many books, some she may not be able to tell me all about it.

She may hold back on the stories she tells me.

She may let go of her toy, stuffed animals and unicorns.

She may prefer having another musical buddy instead of me.

She may be busy with so many things, she won’t have time for a cup of tea.

So for now, I enjoy time with her as much as I can. I know I can’t make time stop. And I do hope that one day she grows up to become an intelligent, open-minded, well-rounded lady who will get to travel the world and live her dreams.

But not yet.

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