This story was written by Neill Lynskey and originally appeared on The Cool Down.

If your lipstick breaks, don’t throw it away! A TikTok from BoxyCharm (@boxycharm) is sharing the hack to fix it. 

The scoop 

Unlike some other methods that call for toothpicks or bobby pins, this hack keeps it simple — all you need is a lighter.

First, hold the flame to the base of the broken lipstick for two to three seconds. Just enough so it melts a bit but retains its shape. Do the same to the bottom end of your broken piece. Now both broken ends can act like glue and be stuck together. Cap the lipstick, let it set overnight, and it’s fixed! Easy. 

Lipstick breaks are a rare thing, but when it does happen, it’s unbelievably annoying, especially if it’s a new purchase you’ve barely used. The only option seems to be throwing it away or maybe sloppily salvaging it in a container. 

With this hack, though, the lipstick will be like new again, with zero waste and minimal effort. 

Why it’s great 

When keeping the environment in mind, it’s always best to avoid the trash. Saving and repurposing whatever you can goes a long way

This hack is just one of the many useful things we can do to stop contributing to waste. Getting creative with ways to reuse containers when the product is all gone or buying sustainable products from the start are major steps in the right direction. There are some great organic, eco-friendly lipsticks to check out. 

Makeup products and their packaging are responsible for huge amounts of waste and pollution, which are only increasing. These products can often contain harmful chemicals, and many break down into dangerous microplastics that are extremely difficult to remove from natural ecosystems. 

Recycling is always good, but as little as 9% of the world’s plastic actually ends up going through the recycling process. In the end, the beauty industry contributes to landfills in a big way. 

What everyone’s saying 

People chimed in to back up this useful and waste-saving hack

“I tried it, and it’s effective … thank you!” commented one viewer. 

It’s a simple solution, but it could keep your lipstick going for far longer. And when it really is all gone, you can still keep your makeup out of the trash.

This story was written by Neill Lynskey and originally appeared on The Cool Down.