The beauty trends of 2021 are reflective of a year spent mostly at home. With a focus on health and wellness, trends are all about good skin and minimal makeup.

It makes us happy to see that what's on trend is actually what we're able to accomplish without spending a lot of money—we don't even have to leave the house to reach our #beautygoals this year. It's so much more about simplicity and quality ingredients. And we're here for that.

The most important beauty trend right now? Glowing skin. Call it skinimalism if you want, or just call it a healthful glow. Skincare ingredients are served up straight from mother nature with dewey vitamin C, aloe and ceramides for brighter skin and vitamin E and hyaluronic acid for moisture. And since your skin will be looking so fab, no need to cover it up. Makeup gets boiled down to a one-and-done multi-stick. With a little gloss. And you'll need serious brows, of course. For online and soon-to-be in person meetings, strong eyelashes and brows mean you are ready for the day.

These 15 trendy beauty products for 2021 are all easy to do at home and on the reg. Even busy mamas can dab on a little eye cream and brow gel between all. That. Laundry.

Paula’s Choice Ceramide-Enriched Firming Eye Cream

Paula’s Choice


1. Ceramide-Enriched Firming Eye Cream

Start your bedtime routine with a ceramide-enriched eye cream. This everyday step takes only a few seconds but really pays off. It firms, brightens, hydrates and reduces wrinkles thanks to ceramides—which are an anti aging powerhouse—plus vitamin C and retinol.

Earth Mama Organics Sunscreen Face Stick

Earth Mama Organics


2. Sunscreen Face Stick

Want younger looking skin? Use SPF Every. Single. Day. This is a non-negotiable beauty trend that’s not new and it’s not leaving. We know you can’t make up for the last 20, 30, 40+ years, and we know you didn’t know better then, but you do now. Throw it in your purse, your diaper bag, or your car, but use it.


Pleni Naturals


3. Enzyme Cleansing Oil

Wash your face with oil. It’s just that simple. A cleansing oil is so easy to use- you just massage it onto dry skin. If you get a few extra minutes (or get distracted) it works like a mask by adding moisture back into skin before a quick rinse or wipe-off with a wet washcloth.

Beautycounter Counter + All Bright C Serum



4. Counter + All Bright C Serum

Get serious about brightening your skin with vitamin C. Whether you’ve got dark spots from the environment, age or hormones (especially thanks to having a baby), all of us need something to help brighten sad winter skin. Reviewers call it sunshine in a bottle! Likely because it feels, smells and looks happy (seriously!).

Bioeffect Hydrating Cream



5. Hydrating Cream

Add the word hyaluronic to your vocabulary with a multi-tasking moisturizer that works. All those products you’ve been trying that don’t work? Trash bin. Go with the one product that does the job no matter how little time you have. Bioeffect’s Hydrating Cream is thick, creamy and fragrance-free. Put the vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and Icelandic water (seriously!) to work.

Welly Face Savers & Thin Tin



6. Face Savers & Thin Tin

Skinimalism is in. It means wearing less makeup for a more natural look. So stop picking your skin. If you’ve got a pimple, stick on a pimple patch and be done with it. Welly’s new hydrocolloid patches go on clear so you can wear them during Zoom calls, homework with the kids, or out for a run. Let science take care of those blemishes and your bad habits.

Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener



7. Corrale Hair Straightener

It’s a splurge, but Dyson’s Corrale Hair Straightener’s technology makes it a truly modern appliance. The cord-free (yes cord-free!) straightener works in minutes with less heat and less damage. Charge and store it in the dock, then glide it over your hair to take care of any frizz or flyaway just in time for your next conference call.

Mo Mi Protect & Nourish Hair Serum

Mo Mi


8. Protect & Nourish Hair Serum

Split ends? Not here. It’s called hair serum. Moisturizing neroli, basil and hinoki help to nourish strands and even restore split ends that show up between less frequent haircuts (raises hand). Use any extra on nails and cuticles so that none of this good stuff goes to waste.

Earth Therapeutics Aloe Plushies Socks

Earth Therapeutics


9. Aloe Plushies Socks

Since green aloe is the color of the year (according to RoomMates) we’re reveling in its calming and healing properties. Take care of those cracked heels and dry feet while you are sleeping or walking around the house with socks that do double duty. These aloe plushies keep you cozy AND moisturize with natural aloe vera and vitamin E.

PureFish the Omega Box



10. the Omega Box

Eat your way to healthier skin by stocking your freezer with sustainable, oven-ready fish that’s high in omega-3 fatty acids. This is a trend we can always get behind. The Omega Box comes straight to your door with 16 portions of salmon, trout, tuna and more. Fish is good for your whole self, plus it helps keep your skin supple and full of moisture.

Byte Teeth Aligners Impression Kit



11. Teeth Aligners Impression Kit

Straightening your teeth has always seemed daunting…until now. You never have to leave the house to see if you’re a good candidate with the Byte Impression Kit. If you get a thumbs up, you can spend the next 3+ months watching the magic happen in private. Or you can tell everyone. The point is that it’s YOUR choice.

Ere Perez Beetroot Lip Tint

Ere Perez


12. Beetroot Lip Tint

A lip stain is the quickest way to look “ready” for the day—wherever it may take you (or not). This water-based stain, available in “Joy” red or “Fun” fuchsia, is formulated with beetroot extract for nourishment and hydration. One mom promises the color stays—even after much kissing on the kids.

Nars The Multiple Multi-Stick



13. The Multiple Multi-Stick

Michelle Obama knows multi-tasking and monochrome is the way to go. If you want a modern, clean look that is e-a-s-y, go for a multi-stick. The Multiple’s four shades add creamy color, and a hint of sheen to your eyes, cheeks and lips. It really doesn’t get any easier than this.

Meloway Brow Creation Gel



14. Brow Creation Gel

One trend we all admired from Emily in Paris were those Lily Collins eyebrows. Since none of us listened to mom when she told us to “stop tweezing!” we can thank Meloway for creating an easy to use brow gel that brushes on to match with (and fill in) your own brow-line.


Ella + Mila


15. Quaranteamwork Nail Set

Fall in love with reds again while getting your weekly mani/pedi back on track- even if it’s from home. Ella + Mila have thought of everything in this bundle, which includes a manicure set (hello jagged cuticles), nail care essentials and a quick-drying top coat for busy mamas. There’s a sheer polish for everyday and a vivid red for when you’re feeling crazy.