Talking about the birds and the bees with our children is a lot less taboo these days compared to when many of us were growing up. Bekah Martinez is sharing some tips on how she talks to her two-year-old about sex and where babies come from because yes, even at that young age, kids ask questions. The Bachelor alum has two kids, Ruth, 2 1/2, and Franklin, 1. During her Instagram Story earlier this week, Martinez explained her approach to discussing these sensitive topics with her kids.

"I think a lot of times we project our own adult feelings about certain topics onto our kids," she wrote on one slide of the Story, which is no longer live. "Young children are fully capable of understanding simple explanations of sex and other hard topics and I think it really helps give them factual info and starts an open conversation of honesty and trust!"

My own five-year-old has been asking about babies and where they come from since I gave birth to her little sister almost two years ago. She's fascinated by pregnancy and the creation of human life because, duh, it's awesome! I don't want to quell her curiosity, but I also want to be age-appropriate in how I explain things to her. Martinez says her daughter has a similar fascination. "Ruth actually loves watching my videos of me giving birth to both her and Frank, and she doesn't think it's scary or weird at all because it just is what it is," she says. "She's not traumatized by any of that. She just thinks it's interesting because she hasn't had any other cultural messages given to her yet." In another slide of the Story, Martinez shares a DM she received from one of her followers that read: "I think that the fact that the baby comes out the vagina can be talked about before discussing that the penis goes in the vagina. Like giving enough info to answer their question, but not too much." Martinez both agreed and disagreed with that statement, and explained that she doesn't think there's anything wrong with explaining the biology behind "Where do babies come from?" "Hot take— but I don't think there is anything wrong with telling children that babies can be made through sex i.e. a penis in a vagina as long as there are simple explanations about age appropriateness and consent," she wrote. "My thought: if you don't teach your kids about it soon enough, the internet or their potentially misinformed friends will first! Plus, what's wrong about those basic facts?" Obviously, parents are free to explain sex to their little ones however they see fit. It's awesome that Martinez is dedicated to explaining things as factually as possible while also keeping her daughter's age in mind. And it's definitely never too soon to teach kids about bodily autonomy and consent, period. Being taught about these things at home from the adults they trust the most is a safe, effective way for little ones to learn.