According to new research, adult cartoons are the "fastest-growing animation category." With so many to choose from on different streaming platforms it's no wonder this is true.

If you really need a laugh (or, let's face it: just not be angry for a while), this list has you covered. Just grab something to munch on and press play!

1. Bojack Horseman. This series breaks the mold with its pun-heavy writing, imaginative art style and moving narrative. In the '90s Bojack Horseman starred in a saccharine Full House-style show. Today he's a washed-up, alcoholic narcissist. As the show progresses we get deeper into Bojack's childhood trauma and see him continually try, fail and try again to be a better person. He's an antihero like you've never seen before: despicable and relatable at the same time. Streaming on Netflix.

2. Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law. One of the silliest and quick-witted adult cartoons out there. This 2000 Cartoon Network show asks the question, "What if Birdman went from superhero to disrespected lawyer?" Styled like a classic Hanna-Barbera cartoon, it actually uses original characters from that studio as Harvey Birdman's colleagues and clients. Streaming on Hulu.

3. King of the Hill. A comedy classic! Hank Hill is a straight-laced Texas husband and dad who sells propane and propane accessories. To his chagrin, he often gets caught up in the drama of his family and friends, like his teenage son Bobby or his conspiracy theorist friend Dale. Given how long it's been off the air, it hasn't lost its charm at all. You've probably seen this show in memes over the years. Streaming on Hulu.

4. Regular Show. Based on creator J.G. Quintel's college life, this show will take you back to the angst of your early 20s. Mordecai and Rigby are two best friends who work at a park. Even though they're just trying to live their best life, their boss Benson always ruins the fun by making them work (the nerve!). Inevitably, they mess something up and have to rush to fix it. Streaming on Cartoon Network.

5. Big Mouth. Speaking of angst! Going through puberty would make a lot more sense if you had a puberty monster, wouldn't it? Voiced by comedians Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jason Mantzoukas, Maya Rudolph and now Ayo Edebiri, you'll be sure to laugh. Big Mouth is raunchier than some other cartoons, but it's definitely entertaining. You'll relive all the pains of growing up and getting your first crush. Streaming on Netflix.