There's a sound in my house I've grown familiar with. It goes like this: Clank, Clank, Clank, CRASHHHHH. AHHHHHHHH!! (Followed by a string of frustrated expletives or G-rated equivalents depending on who's at fault.)

The cause? An avalanche of water bottles. Why? Our water bottle organizer game is sorely lacking. (The same can be said for our kitchen organization at large, but sigh. One problem at time.) Instead, they stand in the cupboard like empty stainless steel bowling pins waiting to cascade over anyone foolish enough to grab one that's not in the front row. And since we somehow own enough water bottles for three families, the one you're looking for is never in the front row.

Frankly, I'm sick of it. It's 2022! Unlike so many things these days, this is a solvable problem! And I may have found the perfect solution: The YouCopia UpSpace Water Bottle Organizer.

Beloved by reviewers, podcast hosts, and #CleanTok experts, it's not hard to see why it out performs every other water bottle organizer on the market. The adjustable design accommodates a varied collection of water bottles, from sippy cups to standard Hydroflask style bottles, and while most agree it's not a space-saver, it is a space neatener. The side-by-side layout makes it easy to spot your favorite and showcase to every family member that no one needs to bring another into the house until the end of time.

And it's not just ideal for corralling water bottles! It also works for baby bottles and even inside the fridge to keep drinks tidy and easy to restock.

Another bonus? The more organized you are, the easier it is for kids to help themselves. Opt to store this in a low cabinet or on a pantry shelf they can access so they can pitch in when it's time to fill a bottle up or put one away.

Why do people love it? I'll let them tell you.

I have been searching for months for a better way to corral our reusable water bottles. (They seem to multiply behind closed cabinet doors!) I didn't have any problems with assembly and appreciate the way the design allows you to customize the shelf height to better fit the size of your bottles and available cabinet space. The best part of the design is the shallow scalloped shape of the shelves, which allows for more fit flexibility than other more deeply channeled designs I have seen, while still keeping the bottles from rolling out of place. The first ones worked so well that I bought more in other sizes to maximize storage space in other areas of my kitchen.


As much as I love how well this organizes our reusable mug and water bottle collection, I think my husband loves it more. He opens the cupboard to see everything neatly in its place and just smiles the smile of a deeply contented soul. It easily holds nine medium to medium large bottles/mugs.


My kid has 1400 sippy cups and I can finally access them easily!


Want to find out what all the hype is about? You can buy yours below!

youcopia Water Bottle Organizer



UpSpace Water Bottle Organizer

From the women-owned YouCopia, this genius organizer also comes in a 2-tier size to fit shorter cabinet spaces.