"Rockstar" is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of music icon Billy Idol. But a quick perusal of his Instagram just might change that. These days the "White Wedding" rocker is all about being a doting grandfather, and some of the sweet clips he's shared will definitely put a smile on your face.

Idol is grandfather to the adorable Poppy Rebel, whose middle name pays homage to one of her famous grandpa's hits: 1983's "Rebel Yell." The baby girl can be seen bouncing along to the song in one cute Instagram video, and Idol himself makes an appearance cheering her on. Poppy's often decked out all in black in another nod to her famous grandpa's trademark style—just look at those amazing baby boots!

Poppy bounces along to "Mony, Mony" in another cute video, with her granddad and mom Bonnie Broad showing off their own dance moves in the background. Check out the way Poppy snaps to attention just as the music kicks in right around 47 seconds in—she's clearly a big fan.

Idol's Instagram followers loved seeing all three generations rocking out together: "Like father like daughter like granddaughter," one wrote. "What pure awesome joy to share with us all," another said. The musician also updates his followers about Poppy's milestones and accomplishments, proudly sharing everything from her first Valentine's Day to her earliest steps—just like any other grandfather without a couple of bestselling albums under their belts would.

Poppy could be on the way to becoming a star in her own right with her heart-warming bouncing videos. The baby girl has got her own Instagram page already—with more than 7,000 fans.