On Monday, Bindi Irwin announced she'll be taking some time off from social media. The new mom to three-month-old Grace Warrior said she wants to take a month away from social media to focus on her baby and her husband, Chandler Powell. In her heartfelt post, she talked about the importance of taking care of your mental health.

The Australian Zoo conservationist and star of Crikey! It's The Irwins revealed to her Instagram followers that though she feels incredibly grateful to share her life and work with the world, it's taking a bit of a toll on her.

"Hi guys, Just a note to say thank you for your support," Bindi wrote in the caption. "I'm taking a break from social media and most of my work in the public eye for a month to be with my beautiful daughter and my wonderful family. I feel tremendously grateful to share our life and conservation work with you but I need some time to focus on the happiness that is my family (both human and animal). You can keep up with our adventures by following my family and Australia Zoo on social media." Last week, Bindi opened up about her profound love of motherhood but admitted it wasn't without its challenges (and really, is there anything more relatably challenging than new motherhood?). She talked about breastfeeding baby Grace, and shared that their nursing journey had been a "learning curve." In Monday's post, Bindi said she's grateful for other people who have paved the way for protecting their mental health and sharing their stories with her. "To my friends who are dealing with depression, anxiety and other battles every day - I see you. These issues are very real and deserve to be discussed and addressed," she continued. Before announcing her break from social media, Bindi shared a very touching Father's Day post where she honored her husband, father, and father-in-law. "Appreciation post for the three most incredible fathers in my life," she shared. "My dad, my husband and my father-in-law. My dad taught me the importance of strength when standing up for what I believe in and to have empathy for all living beings. My husband amazes me every day with his kind and steadfast heart, his love for our daughter is infinite. My father-in-law works tirelessly for his family and is always there with a word of encouragement. These extraordinary men inspire me and I love them so very much." At the end of her recent post regarding her mental health, she encouraged her followers to surround themselves with positive people who love them. "Surround yourself with the light of people who genuinely care about you and will support you during the good times and the hard times," she concluded. "Remember there are helplines available. Mental health deserves more understanding and support instead of being dismissed or patronised. You are absolutely worthy of love and kindness." Here's hoping this still-postpartum mama takes all the time she needs to feel like her very best self. She generously shares so much of her family life with the world (and those who loved her father). But sometimes a little break from it all can do wonders.