This week marked several important milestones in political history–not only an election, but a year since the historic Presidential election where the first female candidate from a major party ran and 100 years since women won the right to vote. To commemorate this, we found a great way to teach your little feminist how awesome she is. We’re also looking forward to the holidays with some shopping ideas, a new trend in getting away if you’re a parent-to-be, and more in Well Rounded’s Weekly Links.

1. Have you taken a close look at your phone lately? There’s a breastfeeding mama emoji! If you look closely, she’s nursing like a pro, demonstrating a perfect cradle hold. That’s because she actually got some help from neo-natal nurse Rachel Lee, who pitched the idea to Unicode, the organization in charge of emoji creation. Way to normalize breastfeeding!

2. Dealing with a pregnancy loss is hard at any time of year, but being expected to be happy around the holidays can make it even rougher. It takes a lot of conscious care to navigate intrusive family, the stress of planning and traveling, and being thrown out of your routine. Well and Good offers some tips for caring for your body after a pregnancy loss, no matter how early or late it occurred. Read more here.

3. Zutano rolled out a collection of absolutely adorable baby booties in an ultra-soft leather. Just in time for the winter months and the holiday season, these sweet shoes come in nine different styles, including suede, metallics, and even leopard print. A hook and loop allows you to adjust the size, and the non-slip soles offer comfort and safety. Shop the collection here.

4. With babymoons increasing in popularity, dads-to-be are starting to think about taking some time away as well. While babymoons are usually all spa treatments and soothing vistas, “daddymoons” are geared towards a more adventurous crowd. Think hiking, water-rafting trips, the desert in Morocco–basically anything that wouldn’t be as fun with a stroller. Check out the “Dads Gone (Mildly) Wild” here.

5. Looking for a gift for your little one, or just a way to explain equal rights? Teach them empathy, bravery and general bad-assery with the Little Feminist subscription box. Boy and girls get a book each month that features a strong protagonist who is female and/or a person of color. The kit comes with activities that you can complete together, which is a great way to teach your child about equality and respect!