Last fall, Chrissy Teigen and John Legend suffered pregnancy loss with their third child, a son named Jack. People around the world reached out to them with words of support and sympathy, and many people even sent personal letters, cards, and gifts. Teigen shared on her Instagram Story Thursday that she's only now receiving her fan mail from when she lost Jack. "This is just piles of letters that we just got because the place we usually get mail from—where you guys send mail—has been shut down," Chrissy said in the video.

"It opened back up and now we got everything. You guys sent the most amazing condolence letters and cards and books, and I just want you to know we got all of them."

She explained that the reason she just received these letters and such is because the place that typically handles her fan mail was shut down for several months, but recently opened back up. The piles of mail show letters, sympathy cards, sympathy gifts, personal notes, postcards, and books sent to Teigen by fans who wanted to share their support. Teigen and Legend lost Jack halfway through her pregnancy, after several weeks of pregnancy complications due to a placental abruption. In a Medium post she wrote the month after her pregnancy loss, Teigen said the moments where people showed kindness and support were the moments that meant the most to her in her raw grief. While showing the outpouring of mail she received, she tearfully promised she would read every single letter. "I love you guys," she said. "Love you, love you."
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Teigen has been unnaturally subdued on social media for the last two months following a cyberbullying scandal—she was accused by Courtney Stodden of threatening them when they were just 16 years old. While she took accountability for her "inexcusable" past behavior, Teigen, whose social media presence is a major part of her life, has shared her frustration with being "canceled" online. "I feel lost and need to find my place again, I need to snap out of this," she said. "I desperately wanna communicate with you guys instead of pretending everything is okay."