Between wrapping their hit show, Schitt's Creek, winning a record-setting amount of Emmys, and gracing magazine cover after cover, it's been a banner year for Dan and Eugene Levy.

The father and son team gave us comedy gold in Schitt's Creek, where they starred as Johnny and David Rose for six seasons. The series finale aired in April to fan and critical acclaim.

Fittingly, Entertainment Weekly named them two of 2020's "entertainers of the year."

The magazine recently released a sweet video of Dan and Eugene on the set of their photoshoot, where they opened up about supporting each other and working together.

2020 Entertainers Of The Year: Dan And Eugene Levy | Entertainment Weekly

We thought we couldn't love them any more… and then Dan credited his father for always offering unconditional love and support.

"I've never had to prove myself, I've never had to explain myself," said Dan. "And that, I feel like, fundamentally is the support that every father needs to give their son. Particularly, fathers and sons where the son is a gay or queer person."

Whether it came to his identity, sexuality, or career, dad Eugene has always supported his son.

That's the kind of parenting we love to see.

Elsewhere in the video, Dan joked that Eugene was sometimes a little too supportive, especially on set.

"Except for you being at the monitors all the time watching us, Sarah and I, mouthing the words along like a stage parent," Dan joked.

Schitt's Creek really was a family affair. Sarah Levy, Eugene's daughter and Dan's sister, played waitress Twyla Sands on the show.

"Well, other than that though… it was very professional," Eugene laughed.

Their love and support for one another was on full display at the 2020 Emmy Awards, where Schitt's Creek swept the comedy categories, taking home 9 awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series.

The show also broke the record for most-decorated comedy series in a single year.

As Dan and Eugene repeatedly took to the podium at their private watch party, the father and son pair enthusiastically cheered for each other, often with tears in their eyes.

Yep, we just love this powerhouse pair.

And we think Dan was right. The world really does need more dads like Eugene Levy.