At this past Sunday’s Buffalo Bills/Kansas City Chiefs game, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce had a pretty solid support system on hand to celebrate the team’s win, namely girlfriend Taylor Swift and his brother, Jason Kelce. And despite frigid temps in Buffalo, Jason cheered his baby brother on as only he could, tearing his jersey off and hopping out of the box’s open window shirtless, beer in hand, to greet fans.

Not only were fans in the stadium (and Swift herself!) going wild over the elder Kelce’s spirited show of support, but cameras caught all of it, with Jason remaining shirtless for a fair amount of time even though it was a reported 21 degrees Fahrenheit in Buffalo that day. (We are freezing simply thinking about it.) So when Jason’s family spotted him sans shirt on TV, his middle daughter had the most hilarious reaction to seeing her dad up there in all his glory.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), Jason shared a screenshot of a text message from “Ma”—presumably wife Kylie Kelce’s mom—that read, “Ellie said ‘Dads boobs are showing!'”

It seems daughter Elliotte, 2½, wasn’t expecting her pops to ditch his shirt in the stadium, but in the tweet, Jason explained that the energy in Buffalo was just too good not to, even if it meant potentially risking frostbite. “Buffalo is awesome, the energy is contagious,” he wrote. “Such an incredible experience!!”

Jason and Kylie also share daughters Bennett, 10 months, and Wyatt, 4, though it’s unclear what their reactions were to seeing dear old dad without his shirt. Jason managed to make the moment ultra-special for one young Swift fan, picking her up and carrying her to the window so she could say hi to the pop superstar (and show off her sign!), before posing for photos and bringing her back down to enjoy the rest of the game. While she was bundled up appropriately for the occasion, Jason seemed completely unbothered by the arctic-level temps, likely warmed by some combination of adrenaline, beer, and crowd adulation.

It definitely seems like Jason had a blast with all his new pals, and truly, who could blame him for getting swept up in all the excitement?