TODAY meteorologist and cohost Dylan Dreyer made a surprise announcement yesterday: the mother of two is pregnant with her third child, a boy. The baby is due this November and will join big brothers Calvin, 4 years old, and Oliver, 16 months.

Dreyer, who beamed proudly during the announcement, told her TODAY cohosts, "It turns out that we, like, really enjoy having kids. Calvin and Ollie, they're just so much fun. We're like, 'Let's try for a third.' It wasn't happening so we were like, 'Forget it. Let's move on.' Then sure enough, surprise!"

Minutes later, her husband Brian Fichera posted on Instagram, "You see Cal when two people are quarantined together for over a year and Bridgerton is on..."

His hilarious comment alludes to the steamy content on Netflix's Bridgerton, which is the streaming service's most popular show to date with over 82 million viewers tuning in. Shonda Rhimes' Regency-era costume drama revolves around the love story between the Duke of Hastings and society darling Daphne Bridgerton, with all sorts of juicy gossip and intrigue thrown in for good measure. While the data is unclear on how many pregnancies will result thanks to a Netflix subscription, the comment was a hilarious way to announce the baby news on his Instagram account.

In all seriousness, Dreyer has been candid about her struggle with secondary infertility, and revealed this pregnancy was also a struggle. Her joy while relaying the news was obvious, as she declared that this child would complete their family.

"When we first got married, we thought maybe one day we'd have kids," Dylan said. "But then we became obsessed with them… You just realize they're the best things in the world."

As the couple considers baby names, perhaps they'll think of one that's inspired by Bridgerton?