Getting dressed up for Halloween isn’t just about the outfit. Some kids’ costumes can rocket to the next level with a little make-up or face paint. Worried that means you need serious skills? Don’t be.

There are plenty of easy Halloween make-up ideas out there—and you may already have everything you need lurking in your bathroom cabinet. All you need are a few brushes, a steady hand and a kid who can sit still for five-ish minutes (honestly, that’s the hardest part!) and you can transform them into everything from a scary zombie to the sweetest puppy around.

Ready to put those abandoned eyeshadow palettes to good use and impress the elementary school Halloween party with your newfound skills? Here are our favorite easy Halloween makeup ideas that are sure to be a hit this year.

Captain Jack Sparrow

If you can contour, you’ll be a pro at turning your kiddo into Captain Jack Sparrow.


Violet Beauregarde


It might take a bit more make-up application skills than some, but if you can do a smokey eye, you can totally pull off Violet Beuaregarde. (And put that purple eyeshadow to good use!)


Pop Art Cartoon

With the right tools, this clever cartoon look is surprisingly simple to execute.


Harry Potter

A realistic scar in just five minutes!



RAWR! How adorable is this fierce little leopard? All you need is a little liquid eyeliner and some eyeshadow and you’re all set.



Transform your little into a frisky puppy in just a few minutes!



A pair of fishnet stockings is the secret to a pro-level mermaid face.


Rainbow Panda

This amazing rainbow panda is bringing all the Lisa Frank vibes and we’re totally here for it.



This zombie look requires your finger and dark eyeshadow. That’s it. It truly doesn’t get any easier!


Queen of Hearts

Those iconic heart lips are ?!


Wednesday Addams

What is Halloween without the Addams family? This straightforward tutorial could work for Morticia as well. Halloween twinning?



An option that’s also great for 100 Days celebrations!