Two things that are almost guaranteed to happen post-holidays: 1) Having a bunch of shipping boxes leftover from all the online orders and 2) Feeling a deep need to declutter. But if you have empty boxes, don’t throw them out just yet.

You can fill those Amazon (or Target or Walmart or Wayfair) boxes up with gently used clothing, shoes or other household items and print a free shipping label from Give Back Box. Then, just drop it off at Fedex, the local post office or UPS and it’ll be sent off to the nearest participating local charity organization.

If you’d prefer to choose a certain charity, you can do that, too—you’ll just need to cover the shipping fees and checkout online.

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You can use this program across the U.S. and in Canada and the UK (just be sure to check you have the right shipping labels). Not only are you getting rid of unused items and sending to those who can use them, but you’re also helping the environment by reusing those boxes. Plus, you can print a tax receipt.

If you’re unsure what to send, here’s a breakdown: Gently used clothes, shoes, toys and jewelry. It’s best to avoid shipping electronics, liquids or anything else that is fragile. The maximum weight is 70 pounds and if you’re not able to make it to a drop-off location, you can schedule a pickup with the local postal service.

The best part? You can do this all year long! Just simply print a new label for each box and get your kids involved by having them toss in items as they go.