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Most pregnant women think about food a decent amount. Eden Grinshpan thinks about it all the time. As a Cooking Channel TV star, the new host of Top Chef Canada and soon-to-be NYC restaurateur, Eden cooks and eats all day, every day…which has been both a blessing and a curse with her first pregnancy. “During my first trimester, I had so many food aversions that I basically lived off of bread (mostly challah) and fresh fruit,” she says. “But during my second and third trimester, my food game got really strong.”

Anyone who follows Eden on Instagram can definitely attest to that — we’ve been drooling-slash-guffawing over the hysterical images of her growing belly covered in cravings-worthy doughnuts, pizza, waffles and more. We recently caught up with the mama-to-be in her Brooklyn neighborhood to break bread (and ice cream and cookies….), and chatted about her new curves, her first postpartum meal, and where she’s been eating while she waits for Baby Girl to arrive.

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How has your pregnancy been treating you?

Knock on wood, but I have had a pretty smooth pregnancy. I am 2 weeks away from my due date, and the baby is getting really big, so at this point I am dealing with the usual stuff, like lack of sleep and the baby pushing on my ribs. And my hips are definitely feeling the pressure.

How has the pregnancy affected your work? It seems like nausea, heartburn and other pregnancy symptoms could be a major bummer if it was your job to eat.

I have been working a lot from home recently, and I feel very grateful that I can do during this time in my pregnancy. That being said, I do have a physical job and need to be on my feet a lot for cooking and shooting. But at home, I get to take breaks in between recipe-testing and everything else. The day gets tricky at around 5pm. That’s when the baby gets really heavy and my hips start to crack a lot. I try to lie down as much a possible and drink LOTS of water.

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How has pregnancy affected what you want to eat, write or talk about? Any major food aversions or new interests?

I had tons of food aversions in my first trimester that thankfully went away for my second and third trimesters. I have definitely had cravings, mostly for carby foods like pizza, doughnuts, pancakes and waffles…all the good stuff. My social media is full of pics of my cravings, just check out #EdenEatsfor2.

Has your husband been a good eating buddy? Has he been protective about what you’re eating?

My husband rocks! We are having the best time together during my pregnancy, cooking, eating out and indulging. He loves food as much as I do, so he is always down to go on a food adventure. When I am not indulging, I am a pretty healthy eater, so he doesn’t worry about my diet at all — the fridge is always full of vegetables and fruit. I have been posting pics on my instagram where I am just going crazy with the foods I’ve been craving and people are really responding to it. It’s been so much fun shooting and eating in these pics together.

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You have amazing style. What’s been your go-to to wear during pregnancy?

I think dressing is one of the hardest parts of being pregnant. Something can fit you one day and the next…it’s just too tight. I have been the biggest during the winter, so no mumus or flowy dresses for me, which kind of sucks. But I am a big fan of overalls, sweats and maternity jeans. I have these HATCH Collection grey overalls that are my lifesavers, and Madewell makes really nice maternity jeans which are my “fancy” jeans for dinners and dates. Also, I am so happy that sweats and runners are “in” right now! In the past, I am sure I would have felt schleppy dressing this way, but there are some really nice sweatpants out now and I bought a really nice pair of runners, which make me feel more put together.

We love how you embrace your belly on your IG feed. What’s it been like watching your body change and grow?

I have always wondered what it would feel like to be pregnant, so I was excited and ready for the change. Obviously there are moments when I want my old body back, and just want to run as fast as I can and lift weights or dance like crazy without having to think about hurting the baby, but I know that that feeling will be back soon. I actually really like my new pregnant curves. It is so magical to see what happens to women during this time in their lives, and it’s fun to embrace it while it’s happening. Plus, my husband is so into it, that always makes me feel great. I think he is going to miss the belly A LOT!

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What’s the one NYC meal you’re going to make someone bring you in the hospital room after you give birth?

I want a bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon chased down with a glass of champagne or beer…LOL. I just NEED a drink. 😉

What NYC spots have you been hitting to fulfill your pregnancy cravings?

1. Breads Bakery. For the chocolate babka and cheesecake.

2. Bakeri Brooklyn. Their cookies are insane.

3. La Barricou. They have the best pancakes.

4. Emmy Squared & Roberta’s. For the pizza, of course.

5. Dough. Doughnuts!

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Original photography by Ren’ee Kahn-Bresler for Well Rounded.

Locations (from top to bottom): Eden’s apartment, Marlow & Daughters, Bakeri Brooklyn, Odd Fellows Ice Cream