Pink is currently prepping for her 2018 “Beautiful Trauma” tour across North America, but that doesn’t mean her mom duties are put on the back burner. She posted a photo on Instagram practicing one of her dance numbers with a little more weight than usual on her shoulders—in the form of her daughter Willow.

Her caption? “I work with monkeys. #tourprep #humanweights #gentlepleasemydarling #circusact #doubleduty”

While it gave mamas a laugh, it also shed light on how incredible moms are in pulling off “double duty,” as Pink put it. Whether we’re balancing working 40 hours a week, staying at home, or—you know—going on an international tour, we can do whatever we desire while also still being a great mom.

Pink does an incredible job of showing the reality of balancing motherhood with work and life in general through her social media channels. From bringing Willow along to award shows so she doesn’t miss out on time with her to breastfeeding her littlest one, Jameson, while getting glammed up for a performance, she’s a working mom trying to figure it out just like we are.

Family Portrait #grammys

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The truth is there’s no such thing as the perfect work-life balance—it’s going to vary for every mama and family. And, to be honest, it’ll always be a work in progress because your needs, your partner’s needs and your child’s needs are going to continue to change.

So, next time you’re trying to talk during a conference call and your toddler is hanging on your leg screaming for snacks, don’t get upset. Instead, find a way to make it work for you and give yourself a lot of grace... Because, at the end of the day, even Pink goes through the same thing.