Our #MOMBOSS series features the stories and insights of modern women growing their careers—and their families.

Catherine Lowe is one of those mamas.

Though she is best known as the winner of season 17 of The Bachelor, Catherine Lowe was incredible in her own right, before the show brought her unique charm to the masses. It was evident in her profession (she has a successful career in marketing), but also in her confidence . She never bought into the “game" of it all.

On The Bachelor, Catherine stood out for her optimism and playful spirit. She would pass Sean quirky little notes letting him know she was thinking about him “in a strange and hopefully unique way." Fast forward to today, and she's turned that idea into a luxury greeting card company, LoweCo., with pristine white cards meant to remind your loved ones that you're thinking of them, as well as a wedding collection and other cards.

In the span of a single year, she's started her own company AND brought a beautiful new life into the world with the birth of her son, Samuel.

Catherine Lowe, you've stolen our heart. Here she is in her own words.

What made you want to start your own company?

Catherine Lowe: Before we started our family, I knew I'd want the flexibility to stay at home and raise my children. Being an entrepreneur allows for that type of freedom.

Why luxury greeting cards, specifically?

Well, what girl doesn't love a good card? I don't personally exude luxury or sophistication, but I definitely have a passion for creating and viewing luxury things because there's usually a restraint involved. Editing is a tough but satisfying skill, and I love the challenge of creating something as balanced aesthetically as my cards.

What role do you play in the running of the company?

I have an executive assistant, and then it's just me. I am owner, creative director, chief marketing officer, director of sales... you name it. Since having Samuel, my assistant has been executing most things, but the business is definitely my baby.

What was your greatest challenge thus far in launching and growing your brand?

Wow, there have been so many challenges. I'm not a businessperson, so anything that had to do with running the actual business has been a challenge for me, but a good challenge. Especially anything that has to do with numbers.

Also, it's been hard breaking into the luxury market. Most of the people that follow me personally also follow LoweCo. and that market is more turned on by convenience, ethics and affordability. Luxury is hard!

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What are you most proud of when it comes to LoweCo.?

The mere fact that I'm a business owner makes me proud of myself, and finding something that allows me to be with my family as often as I can! Plus, have you seen my stuff?

Has your fame helped or hindered your move into entrepreneurship?

I know a lot of companies struggle with exposure and marketing, so I thank God that I have the reach that I do and the loyal, engaged supporters—shout-out! Thanks, y'all! But in the same breath, the luxury industry may not take my products seriously because my personality doesn't reflect the quality of LoweCo. cards. Sometimes it's good to have a clean slate.

Do you feel pressure to be successful quickly, or achieve more because of your time in the spotlight?

No, I think I give myself grace because I'm so new to the industry and the entrepreneurial game. For the spotlight, I was blessed to not have to do anything except be myself; in this opportunity I have to rely on my drive and passion. I think that's pretty cool.

How do you balance it all?

Lists! My family obviously comes first, so I don't need to create a list for my family. But whenever I'm with my them and I come up with something creative, I'll make a list or write it down so that when I'm ready to focus solely on the company I have ideas to reference. Let's just say I have a LOT of lists going on.

How does being a mother affect the way you run your business?

Gosh, that's been tough, actually! I have this new person in my life that not only requires my full attention, but who I also enjoy giving my full attention to. So that has created some leniency in my business. But again, the reason I wanted to be an entrepreneur is for my family, so I don't give myself too much of a hard time.

Is there any one piece of advice you'd give to aspiring lady bosses?

It's cliché, but just enjoy what you do. That's all that really matters.

What does the word “motherly" mean to you?

Love. Samuel has been my buddy since I found out we were pregnant, and my heart has grown twice in size.

Author: Haley Campbell is the founder of Beluga Baby and a regular contributor to Motherly. She is is an avid advocate for entrepreneurs and for the new generation of mothers making the world their own.