When celebrities are generous enough to be candid about their lives via social media, it can really have an impact. Particularly when a postpartum celebrity shares a photo of their body and it—gasp—isn't a "snap back" photo, but instead a beautiful and relatable one. In their latest Instagram post, Halsey shares a series of photos that document their life as a new parent after giving birth to baby Ender three weeks ago. They included a photo of their postpartum belly.

"Well...this is what it look like," they captioned the post.

And their belly (in the next to last slide), shown up close with visible stretch marks and a tattoo that reads, "baby" right above their pelvis, looks like so many of our bellies.

It's such a relief from the "Here's how I snapped back in just 3 seconds after giving birth" stories we often see surrounding celebrity moms. When celebrity moms with huge platforms share realistic depictions of postpartum life, it empowers us all.

Since going public with their pregnancy, Halsey has done so much to normalize and de-stigmatize pregnancy and early parenthood. They gave an interview about how sick they got from taking prenatal vitamins, and they created cover art for their new album that was as beautiful as it was powerful in its message. Just last week, Halsey shared an image of them nursing baby Ender in honor of World Breastfeeding Week.

Many fans commented their support of Halsey sharing the image of their stomach:

"Wear those tiger stripes proud, mama!! Love to see it," wrote one fan.

"Thank you for posting your stretch marks!" added another.

"nice to see a real mom, not someone explaining that you must have a six-pack two days after giving a birth," someone else added.

See? These types of social media shares make a difference to the people viewing them. We love to see it!