When Vivian Lord was 6 years old, she realized that all of her family's plastic soldier toys were men.

"I was just playing with army men, as usual. When I looked in the tub, there was no girls," Vivian told Representative Andrew Collins, her state rep, this summer.

Vivian thought it was about time that the classic toy featured women.

"There's a lot of girls in the Army. Not just in the Army, but everywhere, working just as hard as boys," she said.

The female soldiers are available in several colors, including green and pink.BMC Toys

That inspired Vivian to write a letter to several toy companies, asking them for female soldier figurines.

One company, BMC Toys, responded. Owner Jeff Imel told Good Morning America that at the time, he had already been thinking about launching a female line of Army figurines. But Vivian's letter convinced him to move ahead.

"It was an easy response for me because I agreed with her," he said.

Imel immediately got to work on the new designs. They're finally ready, just in time for the holiday season.

There are 22 figurines in all, available in several colors. Parents can choose from the classic Army soldier figurines, as well as a Rosie the Riveter pack.

The toy company also sells a Rosie the Riveter figurine pack.BMC Toys

Vivian says it means a lot to her that she'll finally get to play with girl soldier toys.

"Never give up and never let your dreams go away," she told Rep. Collins.