Rebeccah Wassner is a second-time mom-to-be and, along with her twin sister Laurel, is a professional triathlete(!) Among other accomplishments, Rebeccah is a three-time winner of the Nautica New York City Triathlon. We asked her to share her tips for fueling herself during exercise while pregnant, and–if these power meals power supermamas like Rebeccah, we're in.

Here's what Rebeccah says:

Now that I'm working (out) my way through my seventh month of pregnancy, snacks have taken over as the most important meals of the day. Sorry breakfast, but you were so two hours ago.

Without a pre-exercise calorie top-off from a carb-rich snack, I find that unwanted shaky feeling creeping it's way into my legs halfway through my sessions. And if I don't refuel immediately after a class or cardio, I'm at risk of blowing that well-earned, post-exercise endorphin high due to post-workout meltdown.

This is where the importance of snacks—and having one in your bag at all times—comes into play. Have enough for a helping or handful before starting and the rest before you hit the showers.

Here are four workout (and gym bag) friendly snacks that I love:

Crispy Brown Rice Squares

think superfood-laced healthy Rice Krispy treats. YUM.

Trail Mix with Ginger

a tropical mix reminiscent of spa food, with ginger to fend off nausea.

Maple Granola

a lightly sweet and low in fat oat mix with seeds, nuts, toasted coconut, or whatever mix-ins sound good on the day.

Thunderbird Bars

the perfect on-the-go snack when you don't have time to make something homemade.

All natural ingredients, all that you can pronounce, and gluten-free and paleo friendly.