8 productivity strategies for moms who are stressed about doing it all

Most productivity advice feels like it's not written for moms—these tips are different.

How to be more productive—even with kids

I have always enjoyed productivity strategies. I eat up advice around how to best manage my time, tricks for getting more done, and how to set myself up to reach my goals.

But after I had my kids, when I was trying to raise two toddlers and be not just coherent but valuable as a leader at a fast-growing startup, I suddenly saw productivity advice in a totally new light.

Every time I read something about how you should get up at 5am to get an extra hour in or read a book a week to add to your skill set, I didn't feel inspired.

I felt rage.

I suddenly realized the entire business world was built for someone who was NOT a parent. Almost all of those productivity hacks—with a few exceptions, like advice from Laura Vanderkam and the Lazy Genius—are offered by people who are not the default parent at home.

None of them share this fact. But you can tell by the way most of this advice is dished out that none of the people giving it have actually tried to apply it after not sleeping all night or dealing with an all-morning tantrum or losing half a workday to a sick kid.

Like, what would they do if their kid threw up all over the car on their way to work… two days in a row?

How would they get out of bed at 5am to practice gratitude if they hadn't actually gone back to bed after a 1am wake-up?

What if they had to dedicate 45 minutes three times a day at the office to pumping milk?

It's time to reframe business advice so it's not just for men without kids.

The truth is, many of the strategies the Internet suggests simply aren't possible while working and parenting young kids.

And yet here's a shocker: many parents are ambitious, just like we were before having kids! We love spending time with our families, but we also have dreams for growing meaningful careers, building companies and writing books that bring value to the world. Parents of young children want to be productive, too.

But the business and working world's mainstream advice simply doesn't fit. Which is crazy, because working parents aren't exactly a rare breed. Just like the traditional way of working is set up for employees who are childless or supported by someone who's the default parent, most productivity advice assumes you have full control over your own schedule. Ha.

So here's my productivity advice for ambitious, career-loving parents of young children.

And let's be real: this is just as much a pep talk for myself as it is for you. I struggle with these things every day. But now that I'm beyond the worst of the sleep deprivation (my kids are ages 2.5 and 4.5), I can at least think clear enough to remind myself of these things on hard days.

1. Ignore mainstream advice

It's not written for us. Instead of being helpful, it might make you feel worse about how much you're able to achieve.

You, my friend, actually do way more than the person who wrote that book, because you're taking care of human beings AND inching forward on your projects (even an inch counts). Which brings me to…

2. Count managing your household as an achievement

I am the worst at this. When I take stock of what I've achieved at the end of each day, I often only look at my "paid" work or work that will eventually bring revenue to our family.

I gloss over all the things I did that kept our family running: got the kids fed and out the door to pre-school, cleaned out the bathtub because our toddler pooped in it (my husband actually did this the morning I wrote this), ran a load of laundry because our other child's night diaper leaked, figured out what we're eating for dinner and what the kids are eating and whether we have all the ingredients we need to make those things, discussed medical codes with a health insurance rep for 47 precious minutes to sort out an unexpected bill… the list goes on and on.

When I list out these things, they are tremendous! I achieved a ridiculous amount! And yet somehow when I look at what I've done for the day, I treat these items like they don't count. Why? Perhaps because society tells me every day that unpaid work isn't valuable. So even when I remind myself that's not true, I can't get myself to believe it.

Let's work on this together, friends.

3. Prioritize sleep

When mainstream productivity advice tells you to get enough sleep, they make the assumption that doing so is as simple as deciding to go to bed earlier rather than staying up late playing on social media.

But what if getting even six hours of sleep requires climbing into bed 10 hours before you have to get up? What if getting enough sleep means literally not doing all the other things that get-more-sleep strategy was supposed to help you achieve? What if you have to choose between sleep and a shower?

I'm not making this stuff up; these are the realities for parents of young children. Being up half the night and then having to function the next day is hard. Really hard. And then many of us add a full-time job on top of it. If you haven't experienced this yourself, it might sound like I'm exaggerating, but this is exactly what it's like going back to work with a three-month-old baby (which is considered normal in America).

If you find yourself in this position, prioritize sleep above all else. Don't feel guilty about it for even a second. When you're exhausted, it's hard to make smart decisions. You're helping yourself out by sleeping first, even if that means accomplishing nothing else.

I had to give myself this pep talk for the first 18 months of my second baby's life. I was working full time in an office with a team that looked to me for guidance, and my kid was getting up a few times every night. Every weekend, when my husband or I put our two kids down for a nap at 1pm, I collapsed into bed. I slept through every Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

I always wanted to use that time for something "productive," since both kids were sleeping. But the truth was, I was tired, and my body knew sleep had to come before everything else.

If you are at this stage, consider this your permission to sleep every second you can. You need it, and that's okay.

4. Remember this is temporary

That not-enough-sleep phase? It's temporary. I mean, it could be years-long temporary and feel like it lasts forever, but eventually it will get better.

I went through a period where I was busy at work and exhausted at home, and I literally wondered if I had lost my capacity to come up with good ideas. It sounds ridiculous now, but I actually thought it might be possible that I would never again feel like my brain was brimming with good ideas like before kids.

I remember the moment this fog began to lift and I thought, omg! It's still there! I can still think! I was so relieved. I just needed space in my brain and sleep in my tank.

5. Consider interruptions to be constant, not deviations

While most life phases are temporary, here's what's not: you will never again work without interruptions. Once you have children, things will almost never go as you planned, for better or for worse.

Once you start seeing that as the norm rather than a deviation, you will feel far less frustrated. If you expect something unexpected to pop up during your day that needs your attention for a few hours, you leave bandwidth in your brain for that unknown thing and better adjust when it comes along.

I'm telling you this because I believe it to be true, but I haven't mastered it myself. This is a hard one for Type-A parents.

6. Find your people

Talk to other parents about how they manage the juggle. Some of the best strategies tend to be invisible because we're not always comfortable talking about them (hiring help is a great example). But once you establish relationships with other ambitious parents, some of those walls will come down.

While in-person groups are great if you can find them, I've had more luck with online communities, like Facebook groups and podcasts, even a master class for entrepreneurial moms. Here are some of my favorite online resources that provide support.

We are here! You're not alone! But sometimes it can feel like that when everyone's tweeting about how they ran a half-marathon last weekend. You and I know the real hero is the woman who's running in the park alongside her dog while pushing a double stroller.

7. Communicate

This is one of the hardest things to do when you're sleep deprived and stressed. Especially when it requires saying things delicately in a way that will maintain relationships that are important to you.

But forcing yourself to do this is a productivity hack in itself, because it will make your life easier. Household management is the No. 1 stressor for my husband and me, and so far we've only found two solutions that work: 1) hiring someone else to do some of the work and 2) checking in regularly about what needs doing, who's doing it, and how we both feel about who's doing what.

This is best done during a regularly scheduled meeting with your spouse, and yes, put it on your calendar, just like you would a work meeting. These topics aren't easy to talk about, and we found if we don't have a pre-arranged time to discuss them, we simply don't do it.

Of course, not everyone has a spouse, and some people find themselves in the position of having to do everything as a single parent rather than having to negotiate who does what. Single parents, you amaze me.

8. Look at what you've built

No, I don't mean your most recent work project. I mean that little person you brought into the world and are now turning into someone who will contribute to society in a meaningful way, long after you're gone.

It feels good to build a company or a career, but it feels way more amazing to build a human.

This should be obvious, but for those of us who enjoy our work, it's not always so. I'm listening to Clayton Christensen's book, How Will You Measure Your Life? (audiobooks = parent productivity hack) and he talks about how high achievers tend to make the mistake of focusing too much on their work rather than family. We do this in part because it provides immediate returns, whereas the hard work of raising good children can take longer to yield positive results.

I feel kind of guilty admitting this resonates with me, but it does. While I love hanging out with my kids, our everyday two-steps-forward, one-steps-back dance is often at odds with my high-achiever mindset.

His point is that all that time and energy we put into children — it matters. It might limit our capacity for paid work, and it might mean we can't get up at 5am to meditate or read 52 books in a year. It might mean we're exhausted and just getting through each day, rather than "maximizing our potential." It might mean we want to punch the well-meaning childless coworker who suggests we "take care of ourselves first."

But raising kids is important work, enriching work. So, too, is filling our own cup by growing a rewarding business or career.

If doing just those two things is taking everything you've got, I'm with you.

This post was first published on AlexisGrant.com

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    This incredibly soft comforter from Sunday Citizen is like sleeping on a cloud

    My only complaint? I've slept through my alarm twice.

    When it comes to getting a good night's sleep, there are many factors that, as a mama, are hard to control. Who's going to wet the bed at 3 am, how many times a small person is going to need a sip of water, or the volume of your partner's snoring are total wildcards.

    One thing you can control? Tricking out your bed to make it as downright cozy as possible. (And in these times, is there anywhere you want to be than your bed like 75% of the time?)

    I've always been a down comforter sort of girl, but after a week of testing the ridiculously plush and aptly named Snug Comforter from Sunday Citizen, a brand that's run by "curators of soft, seekers of chill" who "believe in comfort over everything," it's safe to say I've been converted.

    Honestly, it's no wonder. Originally designed as a better blanket for luxury hotels and engineered with textile experts to create this uniquely soft fabric, it has made my bed into the vacation I so desperately want these days.

    The comforter is made up of two layers. On one side is their signature knit "snug" fabric which out-cozies even my most beloved (bought on sale) cashmere sweater. The other, a soft quilted microfiber. Together, it creates a weighty blanket that's as soothing to be under as it is to flop face-first into at the end of an exhausting day. Or at lunch. No judgement.

    Miraculously, given the weight and construction, it stays totally breathable and hasn't left me feeling overheated even on these warm summer nights with just a fan in the window.

    Beyond being the absolute most comfortable comforter I've found, it's also answered my minimalist bed making desires. Whether you opt to use it knit or quilted side up, it cleanly pulls the room together and doesn't wrinkle or look unkempt even if you steal a quick nap on top of it.

    Also worth noting, while all that sounds super luxe and totally indulgent, the best part is, it's equally durable. It's made to be easily machine washed and come out the other side as radically soft as ever, forever, which totally helps take the sting out of the price tag.

    My only complaint? I've slept through my alarm twice.

    Here is my top pick from Sunday Citizen, along with the super-soft goods I'm coveting for future purchases.

    Woodland Snug comforter


    The bedroom anchor I've been looking for— the Snug Comforter.


    Braided Pom Pom Throw

    Because this degree of coziness needs portability, I'm totally putting the throw version on my list. It's washable, which is a must-have given my shedding dog and two spill-prone kiddos who are bound to fight over it during family movie night.


    Lumbar pillow


    What's a cozy bed without a pile of pillows?


    Crystal infused sleep mask

    sunday citizen sleep mask

    Promoting sleep by creating total darkness and relaxation, I've bookmarked as my go-to gift for fellow mamas.


    We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


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    From sunny backyard afternoons to rainy mornings stuck inside, these indoor outdoor toys are sure to keep little ones engaged and entertained.

    Stomp Racers

    As longtime fans of Stomp Rockets, we're pretty excited about their latest launch–Stomp Racers. Honestly, the thrill of sending things flying through the air never gets old. Parents and kids alike can spend hours launching these kid-powered cars which take off via a stompable pad and hose.


    Step2 Up and Down Rollercoaster

    Step2 Up and Down Rollercoaster

    Tiny thrill-seekers will love this kid-powered coaster which will send them (safely) sailing across the backyard or play space. The durable set comes with a high back coaster car and 10.75 feet of track, providing endless opportunities for developing gross motor skills, balance and learning to take turns. The track is made up of three separate pieces which are easy to assemble and take apart for storage (but we don't think it will be put away too often!)


    Secret Agent play set


    This set has everything your little secret agent needs to solve whatever case they might encounter: an ID badge, finger scanner, walkie-talkie handset, L-shaped scale and coloring comic (a printable file is also available for online download) along with a handy belt to carry it all along. Neighborhood watch? Watch out.


    Stepping Stones


    Kiddos can jump, stretch, climb and balance with these non-slip stepping stones. The 20-piece set can be arranged in countless configurations to create obstacle courses, games or whatever they can dream up.


    Sand play set

    B. toys Wagon & Beach Playset - Wavy-Wagon Red

    For the littlest ones, it's easy to keep it simple. Take their sand box toys and use them in the bath! This 12-piece set includes a variety of scoops, molds and sifters that can all be stored in sweet little wagon.


    Sensory play set


    Filled with sand or water, this compact-sized activity set keeps little ones busy, quiet and happy. (A mama's ideal trifecta 😉). It's big enough to satisfy their play needs but not so big it's going to flood your floors if you bring the fun inside on a rainy day.


    Vintage scooter balance bike

    Janod retro scooter balance bike

    Pedals are so 2010. Balance bikes are the way to go for learning to ride a bike while skipping the training wheels stage altogether. This impossibly cool retro scooter-style is built to cruise the neighborhood or open indoor space as they're learning.


    Foam pogo stick


    Designed for ages 3 and up, My First Flybar offers kiddos who are too young for a pogo stick a frustration-free way to get their jump on. The wide foam base and stretchy bungee cord "stick" is sturdy enough to withstand indoor and outdoor use and makes a super fun addition to driveway obstacle courses and backyard races. Full disclosure—it squeaks when they bounce, but don't let that be a deterrent. One clever reviewer noted that with a pair of needle-nose pliers, you can surgically remove that sucker without damaging the base.




    Whether they're digging up sand in the backyard or picking up toys inside, kids can get as creative as they want picking up and moving things around. Even better? It's made from recycled plastic milk cartons.


    Hopper ball

    Hopper ball

    Burn off all that extra energy hippity hopping across the lawn or the living room! This hopper ball is one of the top rated versions on Amazon as it's thicker and more durable than most. It also comes with a hand pump to make inflation quick and easy.


    Pull-along ducks


    There's just something so fun about a classic pull-along toy and we love that they seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor play. Crafted from solid cherry and beechwood, it's tough enough to endure outdoor spaces your toddler takes it on.


    Rocking chair seesaw


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    Baby forest fox ride-on

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    Toddlers will love zooming around on this fox ride-on, and it's a great transition toy into traditional balance bikes. If you take it for a driveway adventure, simply use a damp cloth to wipe down the wheels before bringing back inside.


    Meadow ring toss game

    Plan Toys meadow ring toss game

    Besides offering a fantastic opportunity to hone focus, coordination, determination and taking turns, lawn games are just plain fun. Set them up close together for the littles and spread them out when Mom and Dad get in on the action. With their low profile and rope rings, they're great for indoors as well.


    Mini golf set

    Plan Toys mini golf set

    Fore! This mini golf set is lawn and living room ready. Set up a backyard competition or incorporate into homeschooling brain breaks that shift focus and build concentration.


    We independently select and share the products we love—and may receive a commission if you choose to buy. You've got this.


    How the Teal Pumpkin Project helps *every* kid enjoy Halloween

    Keep Halloween safe for all kids—even those with food allergies.


    From the moment Cora learned she was pregnant, she began to daydream about her child—trips to the park, Saturday morning cuddles, the magic of holidays—she was so excited for all of it.

    On a chilly October morning, Cora gave birth to her healthy, beautiful little girl. Her daydream was now her most perfect reality. But like all parents, Cora worried. She worried about developmental milestones, finding the right school district and making sure her daughter ate enough vegetables.

    But unlike most parents, Cora has an additional worry—her daughter is allergic to nuts.

    An aspect of life that so many of us take completely for granted is constantly on Cora's mind. She has to call ahead of every birthday party to see if they are planning on serving anything with nuts. She has to repeatedly remind her child's daycare that even if “peanuts" isn't in the ingredient list, the snack bar may have come in contact with peanut dust in the factory.

    And instead of looking forward to Halloween with joy and eagerness, she has to brace herself for the nervousness it inevitably causes—how is her daughter going to safely Trick-or-Treat, and enjoy the holiday?

    One out of every 13 children has a food allergy. The most common allergens include nuts, eggs, dairy, soy, wheat and seafood, though there are many other possibilities as well.

    Holidays and celebrations like Halloween are so difficult for these children and families.

    Teal Pumpkin Project to the rescue.

    The Teal Pumpkin Project was created in 2014 in response to the growing number of children with allergies. It promotes awareness and safety by encouraging everyone to offer non-food treats for trick-or-treaters.

    Not only does this support children with allergies, it also makes sure that children with other conditions—diabetes, feeding tubes, celiac disease and more—to participate in Halloween safely, and free from judgment.

    And here's the good news—it's so easy to join in.

    • Fill a separate bowl (so it doesn't touch the candy) with non-food treats—stickers, bubbles, pencils, glow sticks are a few ideas.
    • Put a teal colored pumpkin in front of your home to let trick-or-treaters know you offer food-free treats (I bought a fake pumpkin at my local craft store, and painted it teal. I store it with the Halloween decorations, and pull it out year after year!)
    • If you can't make a teal pumpkin, you can print out this free sign and hang it on your door.
    • Encourage your neighbors and friends to join the movement.

    Remember, we're all in this together.

    Participating in the the Teal Pumpkin Project does more than allow kids to have a fun, safe and memorable Halloween. It shows them that they matter. It shows their parents that they are not alone.

    For more information on how to support the Teal Pumpkin Project and how to participate safely, please visit their website.


    75 powerful baby names that mean strength

    Having a baby during a pandemic calls for a name that says, "I can do hard things."


    Parenthood is a test of emotional and physical strength like none other—and every baby born during the pandemic is a testament to the incredible strength and powerful resilience of motherhood. Baby names that mean "strong," "mighty" or "powerful" feel uniquely appropriate in 2020.

    You may be hoping that your child inherits the personal strength of you or a loved one, or that they boast the inner strength to overcome any obstacle life may throw their way. While the word "strong" itself might not be the ideal name, there are plenty of baby names that mean strong that fit the hopes and dreams you have for your newborn.

    Whether you're looking for something outside of the box, or something more common, this list of baby names that mean "strong" is packed with inspiration.

    10 popular baby girl names that mean strong

    These baby girl names meaning "strong," "strength" and "power" rank in the top 1,000 names for girls.

    1. Andrea
    2. Audrey
    3. Briana
    4. Bridget
    5. Briella
    6. Gabriella
    7. Matilda
    8. Valentina
    9. Valerie
    10. Valeria

    10 popular baby boy names that mean strong

    Baby boy names with the meaning "strong," "powerful" or "strength" are always popular—these currently rank in the top 1,000 names for boys.

    1. Andrew
    2. Brian
    3. Denzel
    4. Ethan
    5. Ezekiel
    6. Gabriel
    7. Garrett
    8. Harvey
    9. Kenzo
    10. Valentino

    25 unique baby girl names that mean strong

    Less common but still powerful and beautiful, these girl names that mean "strength," "mighty" or "power" include vintage-sounding names ripe for a comeback, like Maude and Trudy, as well as modern-sounding names with strong meanings, like Bree, Aila and Bali.

    1. Adira
    2. Aila
    3. Asta
    4. Audra
    5. Bali
    6. Bedelia
    7. Bidu
    8. Bree
    9. Britta
    10. Drusilla
    11. Fortney
    12. Gertrude
    13. Imara
    14. Imiza
    15. Irie
    16. Isa
    17. Maude
    18. Melisande
    19. Millicent
    20. Philomena
    21. Rainey
    22. Riella
    23. Rita
    24. Trudy
    25. Zenobia

    25 unique boy names that mean strong

    Looking for an alternative to the perennially-popular boys' names with the meaning "strength"? Some of these boy names that mean strong are old-school favorites that have become less common in recent years (like Gerard and Howard), while some have a more modern feel, like Brycin, Chasin and Fort.

    1. Abelardo
    2. Anders
    3. Arsenio
    4. Azaiah
    5. Bernard
    6. Brycin
    7. Chasin
    8. Conall
    9. Egon
    10. Ermentrude
    11. Fort
    12. Gavi
    13. Gerard
    14. Howard
    15. Kwan
    16. Mandla
    17. Maynard
    18. Osiris
    19. Oz
    20. Uzi
    21. Uziah
    22. Valens
    23. Warrick
    24. Zane
    25. Zeke

    10 gender-neutral baby names that mean strong

    Whether given to a boy or a girl, these gender-neutral names that mean "strength" evoke power and resilience.

    1. Baldwin
    2. Barrett
    3. Dree
    4. Drew
    5. Evander
    6. Everett
    7. Griffin
    8. Kiah
    9. Quillon
    10. Zale
    Celebrate the strength of motherhood

    Mina Baie mama adult tee

    Because comfort just became a priority in your daily style. Composed of 100% cotton, this simple tee is soft, breathable, and essential for the on-the-move mama. Wear your new title for the world to see.


    Mama necklace

    Mama necklace

    What was intended to be a small gift from a mom to a fellow new mama, quickly grew into a signature piece with a following of its own: The "MAMA" necklace in 14K gold.


    Motherly “I Am Enough” cuff bracelet - adult

    Motherly \u201cI Am Enough\u201d cuff bracelet - adult

    Dealing with a tough pregnancy? Remember, "I am enough." Need help reframing and comforting your mind during birth? Remember, "I am enough." Questioning yourself as a mother? Once again, remember, "I am enough." It's hard to remember what we and our bodies are capable of; let this Oath Bracelet empower you to believe that you truly are enough.

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