Like many toddlers her age, Kate Hudson's daughter, Rani Rose, is learning her ABCs. The actress, entrepreneur and mama of three shared the most adorable video of her two-year-old singing the ABCs on her Instagram recently, and it is just the kind of enthusiastic toddler energy I need in my life right now.

My children are far past the toddler stage at this point, and I have to say, although I remember how much work it is to have a toddler, I really miss having a wobbly little one around. Sure, my kids can take their own showers and make their own breakfast now, but there was nothing cuter than when they couldn't pronounce words like "broccoli", or missed all the key phrases as they sang "Old MacDonald".

I would imagine Hudson is really relishing this time with Rani Rose, as her other children, Bingham Bellamy and Ryder Robinson, are ages 9 and 17, respectively. Here's to enjoying all those little adorable moments with your toddler, from singing the ABCs with conviction to asking a million questions one after the other. Oh, I miss those days!

As I reminice about my own kids, check out Kate Hudson's daughter singing her ABCs. It's the adorable toddler video I needed to see today.

And hey, I had no idea that Hudson plays the piano. Perhaps these two can start a family band one day? Too cute!