Patience takes practice—for adults and kids—and a new social media trend is showing preschoolers conditioning their patience muscles and we are so here for it.

So is Kylie Jenner, who posted an adorable #patiencechallenge video of her 2-year-old daughter Stormi resisting a tempting treat.

In the video, Jenner sets down a big bowl of chocolates in front of Stormi, who is on the couch watching TV. "You can only have three of them. I'm gonna give you three of them," Jenner explains when Stormi reaches for the chocolates.

"But wait!" Jenner says, "You have to wait 'til mommy comes back okay? I have to go to the bathroom."

This 2-year-old's will power is seriously impressive. She looks at the candies, leans in to the candies and considers the candies, but doesn't eat them while her mama is gone. Instead, she sings to herself: "Patience, patience, patience."

This is adorable, and it's good parenting.

A large body of research shows that teaching kids patience at an early age sets them up to make good decisions in life. Impatience in teens is connected with receiving more discipline in school and poor choices when it comes to drugs and alcohol. In adults, impatience is connected with poor career choices and credit card debt.

Practicing the patience challenge with a preschooler and having them resist a bowl of M&Ms could help set them up to make good choices later in life. If you can resist the M&Ms at two or four you're more likely to be able to resist instant gratification at 14 or 22, when the stakes are higher.

Stormi isn't the only little one winning this internet trend. Check out these other amazingly patient kiddos:

Don't worry if your kiddo can't resist temptation for very long, mama. This challenge is cool, but don't feel pressured to make your kids start with two minutes of waiting. If your child has a hard time with patience right now, start with smaller increments, maybe 30 seconds or so. Stormi's obviously had some practice to be as good as she is!