In the creative city we call New York, there's a creative little borough called Brooklyn, and a creative little hub called Industry City. Behind one of those creative doors, there's a super-creative woman named Amy Richardson-Golia, who makes one of the most creative--and adorable and totally delicious--baby brands we've ever seen, Little Hip Squeaks.

While we are already pretty obsessed with her bold, bright and modern onesies, leggings and headbands, as well as her totally crave-worthy Instagram feed, we're pretty sure the obsession factor for both is about to go up significantly. In just a few weeks, Amy's very own baby-girl-to-be will be sporting that baby gear and hopefully land in all of our feeds.

We recently stopped in to the Little Hip Squeaks workshop to catch up with one of our favorite creative Brooklyn mamas to talk about growing her baby brand...and her baby.

Tell us about how Little Hip Squeaks got its start.

I was working in the magazine industry in production, and pregnant with my first baby, Eli. I started making baby hats and put them up on Etsy, but never really took it seriously. Then I was selling 7 or 8 a day, and my only goal was just to do a Renegade Craft Fair. After I did two of them, I thought this could actually be a business. But when the brand was picked up by Cool Mom Picks, it was a game-changer. A year after I started Little Hip Squeaks, I quit my job to work on it full time. And from then it's just been one crazy thing after the next.

How has Instagram played into growing your brand?

We've really focused on social media to help grow the brand--especially Instagram. That's where moms's the easiest thing to do when you're with the kids, or when you're nursing. It's really visual and quick. I've made so many connections with our customers and some are now my really good friends. We've even gotten baby gifts from customers. It's amazing how Instagram brings people together who may have never known each other in real life. People really want to feel like they're a part of your life. They want to buy product from someone whose story they know.

Who are some of the brands you admire on Instagram?

I love Freshly Picked and Solly Baby. It was so great to meet them in real life because they are in similar situations with their brands.

What's this second pregnancy been like? How does it compare to when you were pregnant with Eli?

It's so much less intense this time around, and time has just flown by. When you have another child, you're already less focused on your own body. I've been feeling good, and just staying really active. I'm much less uncomfortable this time around. It's a totally different experience.

And...a girl!

I always felt like I was going to be a boy mom. It never even crossed my mind that I'd have a girl! And there hasn't been a girl born in my husband's family since 1967.

Tell us about what's new with the brand. What's your design direction these days?

As we've grown bigger, we've started designing six months to a year in advance, so focused more on trend reports. I also know my customers so much better, and know what they want. Solids are really big for us now--I never would have thought they'd do so well. Coming back to basics has really been a focus for us.

What was your first print?

Chevron. We don't even do it anymore.

What's your favorite print of all time?

Probably the ballot print from this past fall. And I love the solids, especially in peacock, mint and coral.

Best selling pieces?

Definitely the headbands.

Anything you've experimented with that you probably won't do again?

We played around a little bit with sleep sacks, bibs and skirts, but it was a learning curve. We're also focusing more on smaller sizes that work well for newborn gifts.

How does being in Brooklyn inspire your brand?

As a baby brand, It's hard to consider yourself "artisanal" so I wouldn't necessarily put myself in the same category as some of the other brands coming out of Brooklyn. But I totally respect everyone that's making something in this city. I know how hard it is and how expensive it is. What they're doing is really awesome.

Ever plan to leave the city?

Not anytime soon. We've been here for 10 years, though, and I can certainly see it happening at some point in the future. But I just can't imagine raising my kids anywhere else.

Photography by Stylish & Hip Kids Photography.