Maria Menounos is opening up about the struggles she's facing on her surrogacy journey. In a recent episode of her YouTube series, "Better Together With Maria Menounos," she talks about hitting some unexpected roadblocks on her road to parenthood.

"I thought, you know, we'd have the surrogacy thing down. We'd be implanted by now. We'd have all this excitement and that just keeps not working," the 43-year-old entertainment reporter said in the video.

Menounos announced last December that she and her husband, Keven Undergaro, were trying to have a baby via surrogate. Around that time, both of her parents were battling COVID-19 (her mother was also battling brain cancer simultaneously), and she sadly lost her mother in May of this year.

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Through the winter, Menounos said she hoped the thought of grandchildren would keep her mom's spirits up. "The thing I keep saying to my mom is, 'We're going to get better every minute of every day, Mom. Every minute of every day we're getting better and better.' … That's my mantra," she said in December. "Yesterday, I said to her, 'You gotta get strong, you gotta hang on — you've got grandchildren coming, and they might even be showing up…' well, they're definitely showing up next year. I was gonna say around a certain time, but I won't share yet because I don't wanna — anyway!" Menounos isn't alone in her surrogacy struggles; earlier this year, Khloe Kardashian opened up about some of the obstacles she's faced as well. "It's a very tedious, hard process," Kardashian told Andy Cohen during the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion last month. "It's a lot to do with COVID," Khloe said. "I did have one and then it fell through. There's so many tests they have to do and all these things. So I'm still on that journey. It's just, I thought it would be a much easier process. And it's not. It's challenging for me." The pandemic undoubtedly halted a lot of surrogacy plans worldwide and threw some added hurdles into an already arduous process. We feel for these mamas so, so much. Sending nothing but love and good energy to both Maria Menounos and Khloe Kardashian as they continue on their surrogacy journeys.