Get ready to be impressed. A Missouri teacher blew Twitter away this week when she shared a jaw-dropping video of herself doing an incredible gymnastics move.

"In the spirit of being freaking proud of myself and also knowing I'm about to be fat shamed on the internet, I present to you me, a 38-year-old mom and teacher, doing a thing I was afraid to do when I was a 14-year-old gymnast," Nicole Clemens wrote.

Clemens is now a mom of two with a daughter in gymnastics, which brought her back into the sport. It also inspired her to get back into gymnastics classes herself, and as you can see, the results are a flying success.

She says the response to her tweet has been amazing. "I was—and still am—completely floored that this went viral," she told Motherly. But she also thinks she understands why so many people loved it. "I think it's really hard to just be a human sometimes and people are really looking for things to celebrate. I just happen to be that person in this moment. It's very cool but so weird."

She told Buzzfeed that the move is called a roundoff back layout, and she absolutely nails it. The fact that she sticks the landing at 38 years old is just one layer of the awesomeness here. Perhaps even more awe-inspiring is the fact that Clemens says she couldn't pull off this move back when she was a teen gymnast. "It was one of the skills that kept me from moving up to the next level," she told the website.

The video has been viewed more than 4.6 million times as of this writing, and Clemens say there's one thing she hopes people take away from it.

"My advice for young gymnasts, including my daughter and the gymnastics team I coach is always that it's okay to be scared, but you have to do it anyway. And if you only do what's easy you'll never get better. It's the same advice I also give my high school students. I try to walk that walk myself and this is a great example of that."

And who knows? There could be more viral videos in Clemens's future. "I tweeted that I want to add a full twist to the layout and now I'm really feeling the pressure to do it!" she says. But in the end, it's really just about having fun. "Any day I leave class and haven't broken anything or died is a good day."