The first year of your baby’s life is full of so many emotions and so many firsts. It is almost guaranteed that when that 12-month mark sneaks up on you, you find yourself a hysterical mess. Because where has the time gone? Who has your sweet little child become? Is he eating table foods already?! And is she walking now?! So many baby milestones. And so many emotions.

Uggggh, the feels! Your baby’s turning one year old, and you’re not ready yet. Guess what, mama? Neither are we.

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Some of us have been there and are still saddened by the thought of how fast time has flown. Some of us are almost there, or maybe even nowhere close, but are still dreading the day. Your baby’s first birthday will do that to you. Because as much as we wish time would slow down sometimes, the honest truth is that it goes by so very fast and in the blink of an eye, our babies are all grown up.

In this mama’s Instagram post, she pinpoints the raw emotions that arise during this pivotal moment in your child’s life. And we are right there with her, mama.

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“A Mother’s heart is never ready for that first pivotal milestone….ONE. ♥️

One tiny body that I grew in mine, once upon a time we were one.

One perfect face, two tiny hands, ten tiny toes.

One minute you were this small and what feels like moments later you’ve grown.

One finger wrapped around mine.

One heart beating on the outside.

One look and my heart grew ten fold.

You were the ONE that made me feel like I was made for this, like it was effortless.

In a week you turn one but know this….until you are grown you will always be my tiny, special, perfect little one. 


This picture was taken when my baby was only days old, he’s much fuller now with a big head of curly hair and rolls for days. It’s hard to remember him this small but easy to remember all of those beautiful firsts we had, even though he was my second.

Why is turning one, or any birthday for that matter so emotional?! 🥺😭😫”