Your baby is turning one. And somewhere in the midst of the party planning and celebrations, it hits you…

Wait. My baby. Is turning one.

It’s a powerful moment, and one that stirs up a lot of feelings. So #TeamMotherly got together and created a list of all the thoughts a mama has on this oh-so-meaningful occasion—

1. We survived!

2. WHO is this little person and what did she do with my baby?

3. Do I still get to call him a baby?

4. Do we need to do a smash cake? Schedule a photo shoot? A monthly 12-month photo?

5. Did I buy enough bumpers and child proof the house enough now that he’s walking?!

6. How long will it take to have a customized Hungry Caterpillar First Birthday onesie made on Etsy?

7. (Hugs baby) I know you can’t stay little forever, but will you try?

8. I can’t believe the difference between the moment you were born and who you are right now.

9. I can’t believe how much we both learned this year.

image 4922

10. I can’t believe how much cake you are wearing.

11. (Looks at husband) When was the last time we had sex?

12. Wow, so I haven’t slept for a year.

13. Have I done enough?

14. I can’t believe how much I still feel like I don’t know.

15. So weaning now is a yes? How??

16. This party is as much for me as it is for him.

17. (Looks in mirror) my hips didn’t used to look like this…but maybe I’m ok with that!

18. How am I still recovering from his delivery and he’s a one year old walking around like a real person?

19. (Looks at husband) Look at this amazing little being we’re raising!

image 4923

20. (Looks at husband) Now that he’s one can we take a mini vacation, just us?

21. Does this mean I have to potty train? *mental note to check Motherly*

22. Next year, we’re not having a party. I’m just going to bake cupcakes and let him play with some empty cardboard boxes.

23. So many firsts this year.

24. Wow, what will the next year bring?

25. I hope she knows how loved she is by everyone around her.

26. One year ago today, I was giving birth…

27. I am kind of a rock star!

28. (Hugs baby) I want to remember everything about you right now. (Tries to sear memory into brain.)

29. I hope he goes down for his nap today.

30. I need to take pictures!

31. How much cow’s milk should I be giving you?

32. My baby’s no longer a baby.

33. ::Googles ‘how to buy baby shoes’::

34. You’re such a person! I can’t believe how much of a person you are now.

image 4924

35. I really need to fill out that baby book (also says this year 2 and 3 to follow).

36. Why can’t I find a sippy cup that DOESN’T LEAK EVERYWHERE?

37. I have a toddler now! Uh oh… I have a toddler now.

38. Why am I spending so much time and money on her party? She is probably going to nap right through it!

39. I feel like I just started to figure out how to do this… and now things are going to change?

40. How is it possible that I love you more today than yesterday?

41. How did I not know this was what I was meant to do?

42. Is it time for another baby? (Drinks wine.) Nah….

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