The beliefs surrounding bounce-back culture puts so much unnecessary pressure on moms to lose the baby weight and get back to how they were pre-pregnancy. But the truth is, we never return to who or how we used to be. After forming and carrying a human being, our bodies will never be, look or feel the same. And that is OK.

The fourth trimester is a healing process. Not a race, but a journey. So we should take more time and be more gentle with ourselves. This mama’s Instagram post reminds us of just that.

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The fourth trimester. It doesn’t matter how many times I’ve been here before, these days are still tough. ⁣

I don’t think it gets easier each time. I know more of what to expect, sure. But that doesn’t lighten the gravity of it. ⁣

The physical healing is a challenge all on its own. Add the emotional rollercoaster of shifting hormones, and sleep deprivation while trying to care for a new baby, and yourself. It’s safe to say, postpartum is a massive undertaking. ⁣

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There’s this silent pressure to bounce back into regular life like nothing has happened. To adapt to life with this new little person while navigating unfamiliar territory, without skipping a beat. ⁣

But that’s not the reality of it. At least not for me. A lot has happened, and I can’t bounce back to anything that was before. ⁣

This isn’t a process to be rushed. It took 9 long, careful months to create this little person and it will take time to adapt to all that is new. ⁣

Nothing about this should be described as “bouncing back”. We’re growing forward. Slowly. And giving ourselves the patience and grace that we deserve along the way❤️. ⁣”