Hey, mama. Are you so tired you can actually feel the exhaustion settling deep within your bones?

Yeah, me too.

Did you find yourself closing your eyes more than once today, silently wishing you were somewhere else far away? 

I know I did.

Is your engine running on empty? Because mine is.

Did you let your temper get away from you, impulsively lashing out and yelling until your throat burned

This mama did.


Do you have piles of laundry, dishes, and toys scattered all around your house?

I definitely do.

Did you set aside some time for yourself today, to do something a little selfish and splurgey?

Don’t worry, I forgot too.

Are you just so freaking angry at the state of the world and how nobody in this country seems to care about anyone or anything other than themselves?

Yep, so am I.

Is your cup overflowing with what ifs and how comes and why nows drenched in stale, cold coffee? 

So is mine.

I’m right there with you.

Weary and worn
Ragged and rundown 
And you know what? 

It’s okay.

Let out that breath you’ve been holding in since you woke up.

We’re allowed to feel this way sometimes. It doesn’t make us weak or ungrateful or broken. It makes us human.

So, let out that breath you’ve been holding in since you woke up.
Dry your tears.
Unclench your jaw.
Relax your eyebrows.
Kiss your babies goodnight.
Let go of the things you can’t control.
Because tomorrow is a new day.
Tomorrow we can start over.

Hey mama,
You’re doing the best you can.
You’re loved. 
You’re resilient.
You’re strong.

And despite everything that forced me to forget it today, 
I know I am too.