Isn’t it a little difficult to imagine what motherhood was like before Pinterest? Now I turn to it for everything from recipes to playtime ideas and style inspiration—and I’m certainly not alone: The top Pinterest trends for moms and children midway through the year are basically all terms I’ve searched. (Hello, other ladies in need of cute maternity swimwear! ?)
Here, the trend pros at Pinterest give us insight into what searches are more popular midway through 2017 than in 2016.

1. Baby food recipes: Up 26.3%

With so many new gadgets out there, making baby food at home has never been simpler—which explains why more and more parents are searching for recipes for their little taste testers!

2. Instant Pot chicken recipes: Up 1145.3%

In the year we collectively fell in love with the speed and ease of the Instant Pot, it only makes sense we searched for more and more ways to use it. (In fact, this is the TOP trend.)

3. Postpartum workout: Up 79.4%

Here’s to all you mamas looking to jumpstart your exercise routine after baby’s born! We love the convenience of all the at-home postpartum workouts suggested on Pinterest.

4. Cute easy hairstyles: Up 37.5%

Cute? Yes. Easy. TOTALLY. We’re all about this one. #mombunlife

5. Diaper bag backpack: Up 141%

Diaper bags with straps that endlessly fall off your shoulders are so 2016.

6. Maternity swimwear: Up 17.6%

With gas prices down, more mamas-to-be are heading for the water—and need stylish swimwear that fits their bumps.

7. Maternity clothes summer: Up 56.6%

With the rise of affordable + adorable maternity clothes options, it seems more of us are finding room in the budget for a bump-friendly summer wardrobe!

8. Floral nursery: Up 191.2%

Hot on the heels of the woodland-themed nursery trend, expectant parents are still finding ways to be inspired by nature—this time by beautiful blooms!

9. Elephant nursery: Up 16.3%

For little ones with big souls, it’s hard to think of anything sweeter than elephant-themed nurseries.?

10. Play dough recipes: Up 65%

When you want to help mould some little minds with some creative fun, but don’t want to run out to the store, these homemade play dough recipes popping up on Pinterest are perfect options.

11. Slime recipe: Up 859%

For the sillier bunch, homemade slime recipes are sure to be fun. (If not a bit messy!) Now, excuse us while we get to pinning! ?