My husband and I married almost a decade ago and are madly in love. We really are and I know how lucky I am. If I can be honest with you, however, there is one major difference: Our palates are completely different.

I grew up on fast food and pizza orders while my husband grew up with his Salvadoran mother cooking authentic Central American cuisine. (To tell the truth, her cooking is a big reason why I accepted his proposal).

To me, salt and pepper is about the extent of my food seasoning, unless it comes in a box, like mac and cheese (not that I am knocking that). For years, my husband would cover any meals that I made with any sauce in the fridge and it hurt my feelings. A lot.

I simply didn't know how to add flavor to my dinner routine—until I found Omsom's gluten-free spice packs.

Enter Omsom

If you cook like me, then Omsom is a spice packet ($55/each) that you have to try. It comes individually wrapped with several recipes on the packaging, so using them is a no-brainer. Each package is full of amazing blends with no bad stuff, like preservatives, plus no gluten—only authentic flavors to help your food taste better. I recommend the Omsom starter pack to my entire family so that they can try out how delicious and unique each packet is.

I cooked a blend of ground beef and pork with some white rice. Normally I would add some taco seasoning (if I am feeling super fancy) but that night the Omsom was calling me.

I opened the Spicy Bulgogi from the starter pack and mixed it in with my already browned meat. I threw it on top of the rice and waited to see my husband's reaction.

His response? His eyes lit up and he inhaled the meal. Trust me, this is not a usual response—until I started cooking with Omsom.

Now, he always asks 'is this an Omsom meal?' because he knows it will taste good.

Omsom is Here to Stay

Look in my pantry now and you'll see piles of these amazing seasonings (organized thanks to The Home Edit). Now when I cook, I warn the family, 'tonight is an Omsom night' and they know that they won't need anything extra (no sauces or anything like that to hurt my feelings).