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The first year of your baby's life will fly by faster than you can imagine. One second you're holding a newborn in your arms at the hospital and the next they're taking their first steps. This leaves us wishing we could freeze time and just keep them forever in that one moment.

Luckily, through photography, we can capture those moments and revisit them to remember those special feelings and that fleeting stage. It's the closest thing we have to a time machine. So grab your cameras, grab your cell phones, and capture those memories!


Here are 30 ideas for photos to take in baby's first year.


1. First smiles

2. First foods

3. First steps

4. First holidays

5. First tooth

All in the family

6. Photo with mama

Eileen K Photography

7. Photo with daddy

Simply Picturesque Photography

8. Photo with siblings

Claire Falco Creative

9. Group family photo


10. Rolling over

11. Sitting up

12. Crawling

13. Cruising furniture

14. Learning to walk

Red Boat Photography

The everyday

15. In their crib

Eileen K Photography

16. Tiny feet

Simply Picturesque Photography

17. Sweet baby yawns

Eileen K Photography

18. Sleeping

19. A diaper change

The Luxe Mom

20. Swaddled up

Heather Mohr Photography

21.Laughs and giggles

22. Tummy time

23. Play time

24. Doctors visits

25. Bath time

A Monthly photo series

26. Milestone blankets

Batz Kids

27. Monthly stickers

Lucy Darling

28. Milestone cards


29. Calendar photo

30. Creative numbers

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