Potty training is one of those things in motherhood that is not talked about a lot. Or at least not candidly, or as candidly as I'd like. I wished someone had warned me about how hard it was going to be to toilet train my toddler, but also, how hilarious it was going to be. As with everything in motherhood, taking an approach that allows you to be ready for the surprises, the unexpected, and take it all with as much humor and deep breaths as you possibly can. Because all kids are different , all paths will be different, but one thing is true: You will get through it. Some sooner than others.

I knew my experience could not be unique to me, and because I love Twitter so much (so so much) I took a look to see how other parents were doing in their journey of ditching the diapers, and let me tell you the tweets did not disappoint.

Here are the best potty training tweets out there: