Hilary Duff is currently pregnant with her third child and separated from her older two children, 2-year-old Banks and 8-year-old Luca.

As noted in her Instagram Stories, Duff is currently waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test after she was exposed to the virus, and is missing her kids as she keeps to herself in the basement to prevent spreading the virus, should she have it.

At least she's got her bump to keep her company and has not reported feeling symptomatic (just lonely).

Duff is trying her best to keep her chill while chilling out in the basement waiting for her test results, and while she's obviously able to communicate with her kids and husband Matthew Koma over the phone, her 8-year-old has also taken to stomping out messages on the ground in code: Three stomps means 'I love you'.

We're hoping Duff gets the test results she's wishing for and that social distancing can protect more families like hers. Nobody wants to spend their pregnancy alone.

According to the CDC, pregnant people are at an increased risk for COVID-19, but COVID-19 is thankfully uncommon in newborns.