Having trouble finding a sexy, binge-worthy show to watch after devouring Netflix's steamiest new series Sex/Life? We know, it's a tough feat to beat. (Hello, episode three minute 20, anybody?!)

While we'll have to wait for a second season *our fingers are crossed* to see more of Billie and Brad's tantalizing sexcapades, streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have you covered in the sexy TV department. Remember Bridgerton? Two words: the spoon. And let's not forget the classics like Sex and the City, which will be coming back to our screens very soon! If you've been looking to swap out one of your erotic romance novels for something a little more visual, treat yourself to one of these burning TV shows.

For your viewing pleasure, here are 10 sexy TV shows to add to your watch list.


Based on Julia Quinn's Regency era bestselling novels, this steamy drama series centers around the Bridgerton siblings and their quest for love. Season one follows Daphne Bridgerton, the eldest daughter of the family, who has just been crowned the diamond of the first water by the queen herself. What unfolds is a messy and highly seductive pursuit of her chance at real, true love (and the intro to the very irresistible Duke of Hastings). Season two is already in production and will focus on Viscount Anthony Bridgerton's love story.

Streaming on Netflix.


After ending her tumultuous career at the White House, Olivia Pope (portrayed by Kerry Washington) opens her own consulting firm only to find herself reacquainted with the President of the United States, who also happens to be an old flame of hers. Leaving the past in the past is way easier said than done. Olivia will have to watch her and her firm's back if she doesn't want everything blowing up in her face like it's happened so many times before.

Streaming on Hulu.


In this book-to-TV adaptation fantasy-romance series, British Army nurse Claire Randall is caught in a complicated love triangle between her doting husband and Scottish hunk Jamie Fraser, who she meets after time traveling to the year 1743. She can only keep up her mysterious double life for so long. Who will she choose?

Streaming on Netflix.

The Bold Type

If you've ever subscribed to a women's magazine or spent hours taking online quizzes about what your favorite Starbucks drink or celebrity crush says about you, then you'll love The Bold Type. The comedy-drama follows the lives, careers, and relationships of three progressive, strong-willed women in their twenties (who also happen to be best friends, coworkers, and sometimes roommates) working at women's lifestyle magazine. Sex and dating plays a big role in this series as Jane, Sutton, and Kat come into their own while learning about their relationship deal breakers, sexual prefrences, one night stands, dating in the workplace, and much more.

Streaming on Hulu.


Netflix's original Spanish drama series Elite has all the makings of an addictive binge from the angsty teenage drama to the steamy after party hookups. Not to mention, it's part murder mystery so if you've been looking to fill your TV thriller void, too, this show fits the bill. Each season introduces new relationships, students, and lots and lots of drama.

Streaming on Netflix.

The Affair

Available for streaming on Hulu, The Affair centers around a torrid affair between a married waitress named Alison and a schoolteacher named Noah. The two begin secretly seeing each other after a run-in in the Hamptons, where Noah and his family, including his wife, are vacationing for the summer. It's only a matter of time until the truth comes out, and one or both marriages crumble.

Streaming on Hulu.

Cable Girls

Set in 1920s Madrid, this progressive Spanish period drama explores the livelihoods of the first women to work at a national telephone company. Through a series of unfortunate (and some fortunate) events, Alba, Carlota, Marga, and Angeles grow closer than they ever thought possible and ban together to fight the patriarchy. At the same time, they're becoming mothers, earning livable wages, falling in love, and most importantly, finding their voice.

Streaming on Netflix.


In this opposites attract storyline, daredevil Mickey and nice-guy Gus are newly single and ready to mingle. Though they couldn't be more different from one another, they have undeniable chemistry. If only they could stop self-sabotaging their own happiness and their chance at a real relationship.


What would you do for love? There's nothing Joe Goldberg wouldn't do for love, including murder. This part romance, part psychological thriller examines the terrifying depths a troubled, obsessive man will go to in order to win over the minds and hearts of his neighborhood crush. Then... there's his vengeful ex.

Streaming on Netflix.