There’s one royal baby already on the way, and with news of the engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the world is wondering how soon we can expect another.

Royal watchers are already placing bets on when we’ll see a kiddo with American ancestry running around Kensington Palace, and in their first post-engagement interview, Harry raised some hopes when the BBC’s Mishal Husain asked whether he and his new fiancée are making baby plans already.

“Not, not currently, no,” Harry said with a laugh. Of course, one step at a time and hopefully we will start a family in the near future.”

British tabloids are already photoshopping images of what the couple’s future children will likely look like (you don’t need to be a forensic artist to figure out that any kids these two make will be beautiful).

Of course the couple still has a royal wedding to get through before we’re likely to hear any baby news, but Harry’s status as uncle to Prince George and Princess Charlotte, as well as his being named godfather to several friends’ children means he’s got plenty of experience.

You only have to look at the shots of him goofing around with young Brits on the Kensington Palace’s Instagram account to see he’s already got some serious dad skills. “Of course, I would love to have kids,” he told The Telegraph‘s Mad World podcast several months back.

When the kids do arrive, they won’t be princes or princesses like their cousins. The future little royals will be lords or ladies, specifically Lord or Lady (insert adorable baby name) Mountbatten-Windsor.

Mom and dad will most likely be known as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, unless Harry turns down that title (unlikely) in which case he’d be called Prince Henry of Wales and Meghan would be Princess Henry, CTV reports.

Future offspring will be a bit down the line from the throne, but they’ll also be the first royals with American DNA. Whether or not the couple’s hypothetical children will be American citizens is a bit of a question mark, as Markel’s path to British citizenship is probably a bit different than the typical American’s.

According to the legal minds at TMZ, if Markel has to wait the typical five years for citizenship, her future kids could, possibly, be dual citizens.

No matter what their legal citizenship or title, these kids will count as American royalty in the hearts of many Markel fans. We can’t wait to see what baby names the Suits actress and Prince come up with.