Ah, the new year. The perfect time for a fresh start. An opportunity to start that hobby you’ve been putting off. A new chance to do that thing you’ve always wanted to (ahem, decluttering your closet and embracing minimalism). And for mamas, they’re dedicating 2018 to focusing on finally doing something for themselves, bettering their families and improving their home.

We asked #TeamMotherly what their resolutions are for 2018 and their responses were inspiring. Here’s what you shared:

“My resolutions are to start a bible reading plan, get back into meal planning and rock making baby food (when the time comes to make it)!”—Julia Holman

“MomME time, even just five minutes of meditation or hot coffee☕️”—Melanie Jazinski Anderson

“To reach out to my creative side more. I wanna participate in crafts shows and open an Etsy shop. So I guess it would be to use my creativity!”—Anna Seader

“Decluttering and becoming more of a minimalist in the home!”—Kaya Lou

“Finding more time for myself. Discovering new types of entertainment for my toddler and baby to keep them stimulated and learning.”—Emily Christescu

“Establish a routine where I include more time for one on one with husband, more me time, and more productive baby time! Being a new mom is tough work!”—Natasha Lang

“I'm vowing to work on relationships within our family. Between divorces and jealousy things have become really strained.”—Jade Mackay

“Plan and execute healthy dinners five nights per week.”—Alicia Victoria Hughes

“Going back to work and starting my career!”—Brittany Pannell

“Finding acceptance, then joy, then peace. A baby has brought constant change to my life—I want to learn how to indulge this and see the beauty it brings to life.”—Rebecca Ann

“Cook at home as much as possible, complete a reading challenge, build a home management notebook.”—AJ Johnson

“Unsubscribe from emails, read more books and try to lose the baby weight.”—Jacqueline Buccarelli Kepple

“Get rid of clutter.”—Zina Morgan-Ukawuba

“Find a method to organize the Mother Mental Load into a schedule of achievable, predictable tasks. Rather than the constant chaos of endless, unfinished, mayhem.”—Lyndsay Ellison Roy

Self-care as well as aiming to be someone my kiddo can be proud of!”—Jessica Pan

“Some of mine include reading all the books we own but I haven’t finished, working out four hours per week (could be a 2 hour activity with some other smaller activities) and start writing. I have a great idea for a children’s book and need to start executing.”—Lexi Butterfield

“Learn to have more patience with my husband and 16-month-old.”—Jennifer Hallisay

“Exercise more, get my drivers license, take my toddler to more parks and playgrounds, spend more quality time with my husband, save more money, go on our first family holiday.”—Amy Tas

“Find time for myself while being a SAHM and letting go of resentment toward my partner.”—Katie Gresham

“Be present and patient with myself and others.”—Andrea Bobotas Love

“Prioritizing my own time to workout (for my own mental health!) and letting the small things go. Staying patient with a toddler and a newborn. Being a working mom without too much guilt and getting too overwhelmed.”—Ashley Latimer Joseph

“Deal with my anxiety better and enjoy all the small moments!”—Natasha Sari

“Organize our small living space more effectively and on a tight budget. Get back to saving money. Refine my style so it's more mom-friendly and practical (without being frumpy). Drop some baby weight at a healthy rate.”—Birdie Epstein-Mares