We love the end of the year just like the rest of you, with everyone’s “Best Ofs” and “Top 10s” and “In Case You Missed It” lists. It’s basically like the CliffsNotes of pop culture -- all you need to chat it up at that NYE party is wrapped into one glorious week of reading. But now that we’re on the list-making (and baby-making) side, we realize that it’s hard to pick a favorite child -- and for us, just about every post on Well Rounded NY feels like something we personally birthed. So instead of playing favorites with our own flesh and blood, we’ve done a little digging into what posts our faithful readers found most useful, thought-provoking and down-right entertaining.

Below, we’ve unearthed your favorite 13 WRNY posts of 2013. So just “In Case You Missed It,” click on through for some quality reads* that will keep you chatting all NYE long...or at least till 10 p.m. when it’s totally fair to pull the pregnancy card and hit the sack.

Here’s to a fantastic year ahead!

1. DIY: Stretch Mark Cream. Adina Grigore of S.W. Basics of Brooklyn puts the active ingredient in all those other stretch mark creams to work in just one simple recipe.

2. Breastfeeding Blog-lovin’. Kaity rounds up the 5 blogs that helped get her through one more day, week, month and year of breastfeeding.

3. 8 Great Brooklyn Baby Shops. Stock up on baby booty all throughout the borough with these Well Rounded picks.

4. It’s Vintage. The art of thrifting doesn’t end in the first trimester. Thrift-maven and NYC entrepreneur Fleur Childs helps us show you how to make it work.

5. In Defense of the Bottle. Jessica talks about the ups and downs she experienced as a bottle-feeding mama.

6. Attached in the City. Kaity woke up one day and realized she might just be an attachment parent. Here are 5 ways NYC might be turning you into one too.

7. Tip Sheet: Stay at Home Mom. WRNY contributor Elizabeth Carr tells us about her personal decision to say goodbye to her nine-to-five and stay home with her baby.

8. Celebrity Soul Sisters. Find out how a common due date brought Jessica and Kim Kardashian together.

9. Double Up. Here's our 5 favorite double strollers for when you’re traveling in NYC with two in tow.

10. Morning Musings: Mommy Shorts. Ilana Wiles, aka Mommy Shorts, shows us that the perfect mommy is most loved for her imperfections.

11. Top 5 Pinners and Boards to Follow. Darling Clementine rounds up her favorite places to get inspired on Pinterest.

12. Top 5 Newborn Carriers. Caribou Baby helps unwrap the mystery behind choosing a baby carrier.

13. Well Rounded NY is Here. Who doesn’t love a good birth story? Here’s how our baby, Well Rounded NY, made its debut.

What was your favorite story? Tell us about it in the comments below!

*Posts in no particular order.