The news is out: Prince William and Kate have announced they’re expecting a third Royal Baby, and we can’t wait to hear what this little one will be called. With traditional and old-fashioned baby names trending right now, the classic moniker chosen for the mini monarch could be the next name to catch on. But as we know from the examples of George and Charlotte, the impact of the name chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge has on overall popularity may depend on whether the next Royal Baby is a boy or girl.

Back when now 4-year-old Prince George’s name was announced (has it been four years already?) researchers at predicted the name George would see a surge in popularity in the United Kingdom. Specifically, they expected to see the name—which was already quite popular over there—move from No. 12 to the fourth most popular. It didn’t quite make it there in 2014, taking the seventh spot instead (No. 4 went to Jacob) according to the United Kingdom’s Office for National Statistics. But by the next year, George bested Jacob and claimed the fourth spot—right behind another royal name, Harry.

The boost in popularity was more apparent in America’s commonwealth neighbor to the north: In the year following Prince George’s birth, the name George moved up 109 spots to become the No. 90 most popular boy name in Canada.

It just didn’t catch on the independent United States... Stateside, you’re more likely to run into a Levi or a Wyatt than a George at the playground.

The last time George was in the top 10 in America it was 1937—and even after the birth of the newest Prince George, the name didn’t managed to crack the top 100: In 2014, George was the 135th most popular baby name in America. By last year, George was sitting at 125.

Princess Charlotte’s name is way, way more popular among Americans than her big brother’s.

The year she was born, 2015, her name was the ninth most popular for a baby girl. We just can’t give all the credit to Will and Kate... Indeed, the name Charlotte cracked the top 10 list for American baby girl names the year previous, indicating a trend toward old-school, traditional names not necessarily influenced totally by Will and Kate. Since the little Princess took the name, though, the popularity has only increased. Last year, Charlotte was the seventh most popular name for baby girls in America.

Apparently the British are already betting on baby names for the impending third cutie. According to Hello Magazine, Alice and Elizabeth are top guesses for a Royal Baby girl and people are putting their money on James for a boy.

Time will tell which predictions are correct, but judging by the popularity of the previous royal names, Americans might be more likely to name their child after a princess than a prince. Sorry, George.