Giving birth is a joyful experience, of course. But once that pregnancy glow becomes a thing of the past, a lot of new moms are left with a new shape (yet again) and end up dreading the idea of spending hot days at the beach. Their pre-baby silhouette isn't back yet, and the postpartum bod comes with a variety of realities that they may not be ready to showcase. C-section scar? Stretch marks and varicose veins? Engorged breastfeeding boobs? Not to worry. For every concern you have about your afterbirth appearance, there's a swimsuit with a solution. Here's a guide to find the perfect bathing suit for your beautiful, life-giving body.

1. CONSIDER A ONE-PIECE. If you're looking for more coverage, you're in luck! One-pieces are actually on trend now and can really flatter your midsection while you wait for it to go back to its pre-baby shape. Plus, there are so many to choose from. We are loving this lace up style from Tory Burch and this striped one-piece from Solid and Striped.

2. GO EDGY WITH A CUT-OUT. Cut-outs keep things revealing in just the right body zones. They allow for minimal skin exposure, but there's exposure nonetheless, which could give you just the right amount of sexy, if you so crave it! Give this gingham retro-inspired ASOS suit and this halter cut-out by Flagpole a try.

3. OPT FOR DARK COLORS AND PRINTS. If you want smooth and slim lines, wear solid colors in the black, navy, dark grey, hunter green palette and prints -- great to conceal any extra baby weight you may not be ready to show off just yet. Check out this printed one-piece by Mara Hoffman and this strapless convertible suit by Tommy Bahama.

4. WEAR HIGH WAISTED BOTTOMS. High-waisted swimwear doesn't work on all body types, but if you have a long torso, like a throwback silhouette, and are craving a 2-piece with more coverage, this one's for you. This is also a great option for mamas who had a c-section but still want to rock a 2-piece without exposing the fresh scar in the sun. Plus, it holds in the postpartum belly. The scalloped high waisted bikini from Marysia and this floral 2-piece from ASOS, which also support fuller busts, are great options.

5. DON'T FORGET NURSING-FRIENDLY TOPS. If you're a breastfeeding mom and are taking your newborn at the beach, you'll probably need to nurse too! For comfort and easy boob access, you can sport a nursing-friendly tankini, like this one from Cake Maternity. Bandeaus and wrapped bikinis are also great and on-trend alternatives.

6. COVER UP. If you are comfortable without feeling the need to cover up, show that body off, mama! But if, like many new moms, you need a little more time to accept your all the changes you are going through, that's okay too. There are beautiful and stylish cover-ups that can keep you feeling super stylish and confident in your new skin! We are crushing on this crocheted kaftan by Melissa Odabash, this pocket jumpsuit by Mara Hoffman, and this luma kaftan by Vix swimwear.

BONUS TIP. If you're craving a little more midsection coverage after giving birth, try pairing a cute top with a bikini bottomy. Something like this ruffled linen blouse or this off the shoulder top from Zara with a bikini bottom would be super cool.

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